la loba loca

cooking beans gives me pleasure. from choosing the ‘right’ amount of beans and water and soak them, to letting the beans steam after turning off the fire so that all the waters are colored by the beans and have that thick consistency. the slow rate that beans cook at allows me to mix and match all kinds of herbs and seasoning, not one single bean batch is the same. this love potion was slowly cooked with garlic, onion, sea salt, rosemary and merquen (Chilean roasted chile mix). slow cooking and slow eating. the bean juice is the best, I heard that some grandmas in Mexico encourage the post partum people to drink up the bean juice for quick recovery. I like to use the bean juice to add that extra complex flavor to any other food I make that week, for example brown rice. eat your beans! MAKE YR OWN BEANS! how do you make your beans? what do you use the bean juice for?

-La Loba Loca

soy plantasexual, semillasexual, pachasexual…. no hay nada mas delicioso que el guardar semillas, nada mas orgasmico que tender a semillas nativas y verlas crecer y aparecer suavemente desde la tierra. la tierra mojada, la abundancia de la kiwicha, las flores de cempasuchil, los gusanos bajo la tierra, el sentir vida entre mis manos ESE ES MI ORGASMO! shirt by @nalgonapride

-La Loba Loca

cultured escabeche making <3

onions, jalapenos, carrots, basil from my garden, sage form my garden and young salt bush seeds from Olivia’s Native Garden. massage everything with hands, add some salt and pepper. put it in a clean glass, add some filtered water and cover the glass container with a cloth. you can check out. check out previous post for a photograph of the set up here.

culturing makes me feel happy and ridiculously static! today i was thinking about how happy making culture foods make me feel and this article popped up gut bacteria might guide the workings of the brain.

fighting this unhealthy $i$tem one fermenting food session at a time

in your arms i crumble

you rock me

you tell me stories

you let me smell the cheap perfume you got from the corner store

you are unforgettable

24 years later i still remember the smell of your make up

the pot you always used to drop at 6am while making us breakfast

still taste the avena you cook with tons of cacao

and the fresh fruit juice in the morning

y tu imaginación de mariposa  

y tu espiritu salvaje

…de leona

te amo abue

Today is ‘Dia Mundial De La Salud’, or World Health Day. I want to thank all the traditional doctors, Abuelita pasa huevos, moms, parents, little kids, bisabuelos rezadores y santiguadores, animals, ourselves, plants, rocks, abortistas, acompañantes, parteras, local curanderas, sobadoras, hueseras, yerbeteras and every single person and being that has provided pain relief, medicina, care and nurturing to another person or being. Todxs somos medicina.
(image by Carmen Lomas Garza)

-La Loba Loca


a muña y la chicchipa, Andean herbs. la muña is a great ally for stomach problems and cramps; chicchipa is an herbs used just like as huatacay, para platos tipicos and also stomach aches. some info that might be useful for those of you that are from the Andean region… a reminder for all of us: to learn more about the plants that grow in your hometown, neighborhood, back yard or between the cracks in the streets you walk on!

-La Loba Loca