la li love


The bounty hunter reaches up and lifts the helmet from his head, revealing the beautiful face of PRINCESS LEIA.

Leia’s first appearence in Return of the Jedi (script by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucus)

The Scavenger arrives from the darkness and pulls off goggles and gear, revealing the grimy face of a beautiful, young WOMAN.

Rey’s first appearence in The Force Awakens (script by Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams & Michael Arndt)

group pic as teens!!!! TEENS!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY 

(syaoran is grunting that the plush toy should be the one taking the picture)

Voltage guy: *takes her on a date**holds her hand**looks meaningfully at her**stares at her without saying anything sometimes**looks at her like she’s a bright light or sth**gets jealous/possessive at times**carries her when she gets hurt**nurses her when she gets sick/injured**carries her to bed, tucks her in and puts blanket on her**flirts with her**kisses her**cooks for her**behaves differently around her**gets mad if someone tries to harm her**almost sacrifices his own life to save her**they have sex*

MC: he probably doesn’t have feelings for me……. He probably does this with everyone………..