la li love

group pic as teens!!!! TEENS!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY 

(syaoran is grunting that the plush toy should be the one taking the picture)

  • Me: After my shower, I'm going to watch anime because it's life.
  • Dad: Oh no...
  • Me: You were the one that raised a weaboo!
  • Mom: A Pikachu?
  • Brother: A weaboo is... nevermind.

Voltage guy: *takes her on a date**holds her hand**looks meaningfully at her**stares at her without saying anything sometimes**looks at her like she’s a bright light or sth**gets jealous/possessive at times**carries her when she gets hurt**nurses her when she gets sick/injured**carries her to bed, tucks her in and puts blanket on her**flirts with her**kisses her**cooks for her**behaves differently around her**gets mad if someone tries to harm her**almost sacrifices his own life to save her**they have sex*

MC: he probably doesn’t have feelings for me……. He probably does this with everyone………..

Day 8

Favourite Romantic Relationship(≧∇≦o)

Yuu x Shinoa

These dorks are my life. They are love. They are life.

It’s clear Shinoa is in li la love with Yuu.

I mean…


But can we please talk about how Yuu looks at her

How he lost it when she was bitten by Crowley

He cares about all his allies. But the focus is on Shinoa.

How he holds her hand >.<

Protects her against anybody

and sacrifices himself so she doesn’t get punished.