la lakers


High School x NBA Finals

This play is so difficult, yet Kobe did it as a child, and with a Championship on the line.  Incredible.

This NBA season has been unbelievable so far!

-Russell Westbrook averaging a TD w/ 30 pts!
-James Harden averaging 29 and leading the league in assists at 12 per game!
-Kevin Durant scoring 27 a game on 68% TS and still shooting a career low in field goal attempt!
-LeBron James averaging career highs in rebs & asts.
-Chris Paul with one of the most offensively efficient seasons of any player in NBA history.
- Anthony Davis leading the league in scoring!
-DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid splashing 3’s!
-Brook Lopez with more 3’s this season than he’s had for the majority of his career.
-DeMar DeRozan averaging 30!
-LA Lakers are winning games!

Who said the NBA is watered down!?