la laaaa


“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la laa, la la la laaaa!” you belted out, voice carrying through the bunker halls as you went about hanging tinsel and garland from the library door way.

“Y/N, please shut up,” you heard Dean mutter from where he sat at the table, and you froze mid breath to glare daggers at him.

You let out a huff, crossing your arms and shaking your head at the Winchester from atop the small ladder you were standing on. “Don’t tell me what to do. Besides, your hatred for Christmas carols only makes me stronger.”

“It’s not that we don’t like them,” Sam added with a grimace, and your gaze shot down to where he was standing, holding the base of the ladder for you. “It’s the fact that you’ve been singing them nonstop since the day after Thanksgiving.”

“But that’s how it should be!”

“Not if you want to keep your sanity,” Dean retorted, and you reached down to grab an ornament to throw at him, but Sam jumped up and snatched it from you before you could. 

With a huff you stuck your tongue out at them before collecting the remaining tinsel and garland and climbing down. “You two are mean old Scrooges. I’m sure Cas likes it.”

Dean let out a snort and shook his head. “I can assure you he doesn’t.”

“Well I can assure you that you’re both getting coal in your stockings!”

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La la la laaaa I have nothing special to say but to draw. ^_^ #doodle #sketch #arts_help #love #art #moana #disney #fanart #drawing #ink #illustration #video #animation #pixar #doodle

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Grow up! Fuck littlesp ....oehhhhh a stuffie!!!

Adult me: “Seriously? WTF is all this littlespace crap? Get that annoying needy little kid out of here. Uch. *visibly annoyed* I’m a strong, intelligent and independant woman and I’ve I’ve got business to attend to.” *puts on tight jeans, heels and motorjacket while lighting cigarette* grmph. “Now move out of my way before anyone gets hurt!”

Little me: “Ohhh my gosh I’m so happy!! ^^ Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! La la la la laaaa! I wanna watch cartoons and hug and rape, oopsie ..) my stuffies and Daddy pleeeeeease I need my paci! *pouts* Please let me sit on Your lap and cuddle Your baby and make the monsters go away! I’m never leaving this place again!”

I have the bestest Daddy in the whoooooole world!!! 😍😍😍 I love You Daddy!! @beneenezel


*paps wasting their day away sitting in the parking lot of calabasas commons instead of actively driving around the city in search of a famous person*

pap: la la laaaa la laaa oh wow it’s a basic brunette girl in all black work out clothes and her even more basic blond mother. wait…. hold on…. is THAT… NO. IS IT REALLY….. BRIANA JUNGWIRTH??????

pap #2: WHAT. *snap snap snap snap* JACK POT!!!!!!

Jodie, making sure Caitriona gets down the stairs safely….
Isn’t she lovely…..Isn’t she beautiful…la la la laa laaaa la la la laa laa laaaa…

Laaaa la la laaaaa la la laaaa la la laaaaa laaaa la la laaaa la la laaaa la la laaaaaaaaa laaaaa la la laaaaa laaaaaa la la laaaaaa laaaa laa la laa la la laaa laaaa laaaaa