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I wanted to see all the times that Harry wore monogrammed clothing and felt like you would be the right person to ask?

i am genuinely honored that u felt i would be the right person to ask. you were correct; this is precisely what i live for. so, let’s begin.

ig for starters i’ll say that technically monograms are typically initials so we haven’t seen him wear much in that regard, but he has a seemingly endless supply of shirts, etc. embroidered with his name, either first or last. and he did, however, don this banana yellow monogrammed polo as a sapling in 2011, aka The Beginning™. 

and his tailor, jac hui, stitches his initials into the trousers he tailors for him (these are the ones he wore to the 2015 bbc music awards).  

and he has a number of styles shirts….

one of which he wore to jingle ball LA and again this past april 

and another on the Gay Yacht™

and another in this pic w/lux

which i’m not certain bc it’s hard to tell and i can’t rly see the collar, but i assume is this one from the another man archive…

also feat. in this pic that harry lambert posted…

and a harry jacket that i won’t rest until i see him wear again

and bonus he has personalized stationary w/his initial and full name.

A Concept : Camila introduces MGK backstage while waiting for their LA leg of Jingle Ball to start.

Camila : Hey guys! This is Richard (his real name).

Dinah : ‘sup, bruh? **fist bumps**

Ally : Hi! Welcome. **hugs** Are you staying for the show?

MGK : I hope so.

Normani : I like your tattoos, man.

MGK : Thanks!

Camila : **sees Lauren a few feet away** Lo? Come say hi, please.

Lauren to MGK : Why did you ignore her eggs?

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Some Christmas Fluff

You know what I’d love to see? Chat singing punny Christmas carols to Ladybug. (even though I know American Christmas carols aren’t really a thing in France)

Chat: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire; Chat Frost nipping at your nose (boops her on the nose)
Ladybug: Shut up.
Chat: Yule tide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like eskimos~
Ladybug: I’m warning you.
Chat: Everybody knows a ladybug and mistletoe (pulls out a mistletoe)
Chat: Help to make the season bright
Ladybug: Goddamnit, Chat!

“Deck the halls with paws of holly fa la la la la la la la la”

“Jingle bells, Hawk Moth smells
Pigeon-man laid an egg
The Lucky Charm
Restored her arm
And Pixelator lost the day, hey!”

“She’s making a list and checking it twice
Gonna find out who’s been akumatized
Ladybug is coming to town!”

Chat: On the first day of Christmas my Ladybug gave to me—

Ladybug: *groans*

Bonus: He dresses up and calls himself Santa Claws.

Feel free to add on to this!