la ii

La Vida es Corta II

Deja de gastar tiempo en las personas equivocadas y que no te permiten ser feliz. Si alguien te quiere en su vida, hará un espacio para ti sin necesidad de que luches por uno. Nunca te quedes con la persona que constantemente te ignora. Recuerda valorar no a las personas que te acompañan en los mejores momentos, sino a aquellas que están a tu lado incluso en los peores.

I. What You Don’t Do // Lianne La Havas    II. Our Eyes // Lucy Rose

III. Science of Fear // The Temper Traps    IV. In A Rush // Ari Hest

V. Book of Revelation // The Drums          VI. Don’t Let Me Down // Solange

VII. I Don’t Care // Elle Varner                  VIII. Nothing // Carolyn Malachi

IX. Heartstrings // Leighton Meester           X. Vixen // Miguel

XI. Bloodflows // SOHN                           XII. Come To Me // Laura Jansen

XIII. Howling // Cathedrals                       XIV. Skeleton Key // Kenzie May

XV. Gatekeeper // Feist                         XVI. Life Round Here // James Blake

XVII. Everything Is Everything // Phoenix   XVIII. Fall Apart // Made In Japan 

XIX. Nature // WALLA                        XX. It’s About Time // Young The Giant

XXI. Can’t Live With The World // Laura Mvula   

XXII. Home Again // Michael Kiwanuka

XXIII. The Skies Will Break // Corinne Bailey Rae  

XXIV. Stranger/Lover // Ibeyi                  

XXV. Penthouse Cloud // The Internet

XXVI. Library // Bridget Mendler  

XXVII. Medicine // Broods

XXVIII. All We Do // Oh Wonder

XXIX. Shot Down // Khalid

XXX. Rather Be With You // Sinead Harnett

XXXI. Bass Song // Eryn Allen Kane

XXXII. The Evergreen // Mree

XXXIII. Magnetised // Tom Odell


XXXV. Words Don’t Come Easy // Mamamoo

—  Jesús Guillermo, La magia en tu mirar

When the tutorial is officially done in an Assassin’s Creed game and you start making plans to kill your first target


We kindly invite you to visit us at the Exposition de Photographies de la Waffen ϟϟ, 42 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France. The Waffen-SS is at the forefront of the fight against the world threat of Communism with volunteers from all over Europe. January 1944.


Joyas de la Corona Imperial Austríaca (la Corona de Rodolfo II)
Österreichische Kaiserkrone (die Rudolfskrone, die Privatkrone Kaiser Rudolfs II.)
Jewels of the Imperial Crown of Austria (the Crown of Emperor Rudolf II)

Jan Vermeyen (1559-1606), 1602.

Halloween Preferences

You knew Altair wouldn’t want to get too festive, so you decided to kick in the spooky mood by watching a scary movie. You were curled up closed to him, and whenever there was a jumpscare that scared you, and maybe him, he would hold you tight.

With Ezio’s fun, outgoing nature, of course he would choose to go Trick-Or-Treating. Though you insisted the activity seemed much more like a kids one, he replied with, “Candy and dressing up is for anyone.” Some people actually did give you candy! Those who didn’t… They got their house egged by the two.

You told Connor that you wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween, so he set out to search for the two greatest pumpkins he could find. He eventually came back with two pumpkins under his arms. They were perfectly round and a nice size too! Smiling, you both got ready to carve them into jack-o-lanterns. 


Edward would always try to scare you whenever he could. So while you were down on the beach by a campfire listening to others tell ghost stories, he would sneak up behind you and scare the living daylights out of you before joining in. You did manage to get your revenge though. 

Arno loved to do things with you on any holiday, so when you told him you wanted to decorate, he was more than happy to oblige. Not only was the place decorated with Halloween type stuff like skeletons and bats, but it also had a fall mix with regular pumpkins and some fall themed wreaths.

You and Desmond both actually loved to dress up, but with being adults and all, you felt like you were too old for Trick-Or-Treating. So you did the next best thing: you went to a costume party together! Desmond was dressed up as Gomez Addams and you were dressed up as Morticia Addams. You both ended up winning “Best Couples Costume”.

Jacob didn’t really care what he had to do on Halloween, as long as he got to do it with you. So you both watched some comedy horror movies, and passed out candy to any little Trick-Or-Treaters that came to your door. When the night seemed to be over, you both would share laughs over the cute costumes you saw kids wear that night.

AN: Woo! Well, Happy Halloween you guys!! Sorry I’ve been kind of inactive, but stuff’s been hard… I’ve had a lot of work this past week to make up because of a flooding that happened 3-4 weeks ago. But I thought of this preference and decided to post it on Halloween! (Halloween in my time at least.)