la guerra de las malvinas

My phogotgraphy 045

Mañana 2 de abril, bandera media asta.

Día del Veterano y los Caidos en la Guerra de Malvinas.

2º Aniversario de la Inundación de La Plata.

Little PSA

So I never really wrote these kinds of posts before, but I felt obligated to do this. After some messages exchanges with some anon regarding my Frisk and Chara’s gender, people messaged me telling me the amount of hate that they were getting for giving their interpretations of these characters gendered identities/pronouns.

I am really saddened for this. People refusing to rp and unfollowing blogs with gendered Frisks and Charas? Making events where gendering these characters is NOT allowed as one of the main rules? People receiving anon hate? Jumping at people’s throats when they see something they don’t agree on?  People being called out? No, this is not OK.  Policing people’s interpretations and art is not OK.

We’re all for equality, we’re all tolerating differing opinions, we’re all for inclusion, isn’t that ut’s main message? People are being forced to change their own interpretations of Frisk and Chara out of FEAR.  (me being one of them)

Just let people have fun, let people express themselves freely, let people interpret Frisk and Chara how they want.  This has reached the point of fear mongering.

I am not attacking anyone here, contrary I just wish people would get along. What I am saying is, please, don’t be mean, and just let’s get some beer. K?.(or tea or whatever)

And for those who’ve been bullied, thanks for your messages, stay stronk, lil Hawk loves ya <3

Battle for Wireless Ridge, Falklands, 13th June 1982 by David Pentland. (Y)

Captain Fields 2 Scimitar and 2 Scorpion light tanks of 3 Troop The Blues and Royals along with the Milan platoon, provide vital covering fire for 2 Paras assault on the North Spur Wireless Ridge (Apple Pie) Following lessons learned at Goose Green additional support was available from artillery, mortars, machine guns and even HMS Ambuscade. Despite the attack being conducted at night, with frequent snow flurries, and minefields, all the objectives were taken, and at first light the road to Port Stanley lay open and unopposed