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Did a Red vs Blue cosplay with my friends at LA Anime Expo! We had some fun, here’s an compilation of different Mainewash photos Me and Maine here took. 

Wash - Me

Maine - @ghost-bird

Cosplay based off of the Guns for Hire AU design by @synnesai

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anyway now I’ve got you with my click bait title

I went to the Patrick Ness signing in LA today which was so much fun (I made so many friends!!) and he answered a lot of movie stuff. someone asked about the casting (of course) and he explained that it’s a $125 million dollar movie so they needed to get actors who people would recognize, esp in international markets. Daisy Ridley is actually a huge fan of the books (!!!!) and wanted to be in the film - this was before Force Awakens even came out. Todd was similarly cast before Spider-Man Homecoming came out “so they were cheaper”. So basically: Daisy wanted the role, and everyone else got aged up accordingly. :)

Asked @corinne-the-healer ’s questions too! He has seen the spackle designs, likes them, but right now they’re focusing on getting the vfx for the noise. I told him you loved Coyle and was excited to see her and he said he’s got an actress in mind and is hoping to get her. :)

also Viola confirmed to be pronounced vy-uh-LAH, like violet, not vee-OH-la like the instrument (apparently Patrick kept correcting people on set lmao)

cs-thought-box  asked:

Hi Momtaku!! Was that a reblog just now?? Are you off hiatus? :O :D

It was a reblog and I put all the blame ghostmartyr. I couldn’t read their post and not share it. It was a message that I thought would be an encouragement to anyone who is frustrated with the series direction. SnK is not without flaws but where it shines, there’s nothing like it. It’s a series that I believe is worth staying with.

As for hiatus, I do think I am ready to come back in some capacity. Again, I blame ghostmartyr. They’ve been incredibly kind and encouraging to me these past 4 months and have helped me come to terms with (and even laugh about) some of the less fun aspects of being a popular blog. But I don’t want to say too many nice things about ghostmartyr because they’re gonna roll their eyes and complain about it, and grumpy ghostmartyr is not a fun thing. 


Chaine Youtube : Dahn et Marty ! 

Episode : “Les voleurs: Un slide avant la nuit”

My friends just launched a new youtube comedy channel! 
Super fun to watch, great to hear some casual French ;) 

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okay, i’ll post this as vaguely as possible: 

they have guys nights with their friends and they’re very affectionate, very funny, and play off each other very well. people like being around them, and they’re a lot of fun. the majority of their la friends know about them, see them together, invite them places as a couple. they take different sides of an argument and tease each other, and it’s totally common for somebody to say “too bad harry’s my fave” to louis, or “i’m team louis” to harry. i can actually say this has happened and turned into a running joke amongst a few of their friends. BUT ALL IS WELL BECAUSE THEY’RE A VERY WELL-ADJUSTED, NORMAL COUPLE WHO LOVE AND RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and can take the heat they get from people who love them a whole lot. people who protect them because the situation calls for it. people who could tell you, with just as much certainty as i can, that larry is real.

i can’t share anymore detail than that, but i can tell you that much.


“What do you and your friends like to do for fun on the weekends?”

“Dress up like the characters from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and go recreate the art museum scene at The Getty in LA.”

Of the people who went back to the Ark, who are you excited for Raven to have developed a relationship with?

Echo!  Echo and Emori. You know, I really got to know Luisa this year and she’s so cool. And Tasya, me and Tasya lived together for a month in LA. That was so fun. She’s one of my best friends now. And I just think their characters are so cool, because they’re- Raven doesn’t have a lot of interaction with the Grounders. She never did. She was always doing, you know, space stuff. So I think her getting to experience them and them getting to experience her, it’s like they’re from different worlds. It’s gonna be really cool. – Lindsey Morgan

BittyParse Accidental Marriage

Someone had to make a ‘married in Las Vegas’ Au, so here it is:

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