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Swoon in Los Angeles

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Female street artist Swoon created this beautiful piece in the Arts District of Los Angeles thanks to the LA Freewalls Project. She first creates her artwork in a different location and then wheat pastes it to walls, as she did here. Swoon was also in the MOCA Art in the Streets exhibit that showcased the progression of street art and how it moved into the fine art world.

Photo shot by our in-house photographer, Birdman.


The LA-based James Haunt (who is apparently some kind of alter ego of the artist James Gillette) loves depicting sexy ladies in his signature graphic style. He has channeled his work into a sucesccful clothing line and has even had his art featured on last year’s X Games street course.

I find the eyes of these women particularly hypnotizing and beautiful. However, I’m not sure if they just sucked dick and have some kind of cum shot dangling out of their mouths or if they are drooling because their mouths are numb because they just got out of dental surgery. Either way, I totally get that whole pornographically seductive thing he is going for.

Check out his website