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Starco week 3 - Day 7: AU of choice is….*drum roll*….Dimensional Games. This is where Star is a student and daughter of principal Moon who runs Mewni Prep High. And Marco would be the same o student at Echo Creek Acadamy. They both will be competing in the school events called Dimensional games, and where they pick their own events..Star- Motorcross…And Marco - Achery


Yesterday evening at work, I looked out the window and saw several people standing on the sidewalk with signs saying “No Planned Parenthood In Waco”

I was really confused because I am in Austin, not Waco, and they were outside of a bar called The Belmont, not a Planned Parenthood. 

I decided to make a sign and join them. They didn’t like my sign. 

Then I gave my sign to my friends because I had to go back to my desk, and they held it up until I got off the clock.

Thank you Tyler and Katie. You are the real heroes. 


I just tried to post this but tumblr was like gET THAT TRASH OUT OF HERE

in honor of Endless Summer book 2 almost being in reach I! Started! Binging! Book! 1! Again!!!!!!!

and naturally I had to draw myself in the style because I will marry Jake McKenzie one day

So if @playchoices ever needs someone to add to the cast LMK I CAN BE THAT GARBAGE CHARACTER YALL

Ora prestate attenzione, perché sto per svelarvi il segreto della vita. Siete pronti?
Tutta la nostra vita è fatta di scelte, decisioni apparentemente insignificanti che lasciano spazio a quelle che ci cambiano la vita.
Tutte le strade che prendiamo ci portano ad un'altra scelta, alcune possono cambiare tutto, ogni singolo giorno della nostra vita dipenderà da queste scelte.
Ed io ho dovuto prendere una di queste decisioni.
—  The Choice

Title: Wash away
Pairing: Jake x MC
Word Count: 1,564
Universe: Endless Summer
Prompt: Do you believe in soulmates?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first ever entry to these kind of things. Also, this is the first time I wrote something like this ( #Choicescreates [Round Ten] ). So, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors and misspellings. However, I’m open with any advice with regards of my writing skills. Anyways, a huge thanks to @hollyashton​ for making this a thing and to @lauraotaku2234​​ for hosting this, giving me an opportunity to write this. I was also listening to the song “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy while I’m working with this one, so this was kind of inspired by that song. Enjoy ;)

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Ever since the group landed in a mysterious island and took advantage of the disappearance of the people there, they started partying as a way to enjoy their vacation. While MC couldn’t stop pondering over her thoughts, always seeking a time alone with herself. She was thinking over how she managed to get herself in a situation like this, not knowing what to expect in the future. Would they be able to escape the island’s danger or would they succumb into the darkness?

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