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International Cooking Series

Beautiful Quisqueya : Ayiti & La República Dominicana - Part 1

1. Los Tres Golpes 🇩🇴

2. Kremas 🇭🇹

3. Chimichurri/Chimi Dominicano con Batata Frita 🇩🇴

4. Poisson Gros Sel avec Diri ak Pwa 🇭🇹

5.Moro de Guandules/Arroz con Gandules y Albóndigas con Tostones 🇩🇴

6. Salad Betrav avec Poule en Sauce 🇭🇹

7. Croquetas y Pastelitos 🇩🇴 

8. Accra 🇭🇹 

9. Morir Soñando 🇩🇴

10. Sancocho 🇩🇴

La differenza tra me e te:

Quando tu menti io lo capisco, ma sto zitta pensando sia solo una mia paranoia.

Quando io non mento, mi dai comunque della bugiarda.


Zono Sushi LA:
Zono is located right next to the Americana and Galleria malls and parking is easily accessible and it is easy to find. Parking is paid though, as is most parking, but cheaper than parking at Americana mall.
The atmosphere on the outside and the inside pretty average modern restaurant quality. We were seated right away and the service was pretty fast. I would say the service here was pretty good, we were checked up on regularly and the food came out at an average time.
The food was plated great and it tasted fresh. The pricing was pretty average, but the portions were perfect for each roll. The flavors were really good, this was definitely a sushi place that I would want to come back to for trying more items on the menu.

okaynextcrisis  asked:

just like...hypothetically...what if Bill and Laura were costars on a popular tv show. what if lee and kara were their tv kids.

There were days she hated Bill Adama. Many days, in fact, and the days she hated him made her nights more miserable because she couldn’t just walk out of the studio and forget about him. 

It was her own damn fault for marrying the cocky jerk.

“The onions are burning,” he said, peering over her shoulder as he juggled their glasses of wine.

“I know that,” she snapped. What was supposed to be a romantic dinner on the last night of a two-week hiatus was rapidly turning into a disaster. Tomorrow they’d face off again in front of television cameras; tonight, she was seriously considering serving him undercooked pork just to hedge her bets.

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8PM - Fred Seibert 

8.30PM - Mike Rugnetta (Host of PBS Ideas Channel)

9PM - Jesse Destasio (Host of ToyPizza)

9.30PM - Jenn de la Vega (Behind the food blog Randwiches)

10PM - Natasha Allegri 

11PM - Emily Graslie (Host of The Brain Scoop)

12PM - Hot Pepper Gaming (Awesome  Video Game YouTube Channel)

12.30PM - James Baxter & Family 

1-1:30 AM - Hans/Efrain (Bee and PuppyCat Crew)

1:30-2 AM - Ed Skudder/Lynn Wang 

2-2:30 AM - John Omohundro (Voice of Danny from Bravest Warriors)

2:30-3 AM - Natasha Allegri

3-3:30 AM - Mel Roach (Creator of Rocket dog)

3:30-4 AM - Warpstar 

4-4:30 AM - Sam Green 

5-6 AM - Julie Ventura Nail Art 

9-9:30 AM - Braden Herndon (Musician)

10:30-11.30 AM - Liz Chun 

11:30-12 PM - Justin Moynihan 

12-12:30 PM - Random Girl Draws 

1-1:30 PM - Jake Roper (Host of YouTube Channel VSauce3)  

1:30-2 PM - Nachotoonz 

2-2:30 PM - Danielle Ceneta 

2:30-3.30 PM - Nerdache 

4-4:30 PM - Hamish Steele 

4:30-5 PM - Brizzy Voices & Emily 

5-6 PM - Eric Homan 

6-6:30 PM -Frank & Becky 

6:30-7 PM - Sam Lavagnino (Voice of Catbug from Bravest Warriors)

7-7:30 PM - We Love Fine (Place to get all your Bee and PuppyCat merch) 

7:30-8 PM - Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen)

8PM - EPISODE GOES LIVE (With Natasha and Hannah Hart on watching on the LiveStream)