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International Cooking Series

Beautiful Quisqueya : Ayiti & La República Dominicana - Part 1

1. Los Tres Golpes 🇩🇴

2. Kremas 🇭🇹

3. Chimichurri/Chimi Dominicano con Batata Frita 🇩🇴

4. Poisson Gros Sel avec Diri ak Pwa 🇭🇹

5.Moro de Guandules/Arroz con Gandules y Albóndigas con Tostones 🇩🇴

6. Salad Betrav avec Poule en Sauce 🇭🇹

7. Croquetas y Pastelitos 🇩🇴 

8. Accra 🇭🇹 

9. Morir Soñando 🇩🇴

10. Sancocho 🇩🇴

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8PM - Fred Seibert 

8.30PM - Mike Rugnetta (Host of PBS Ideas Channel)

9PM - Jesse Destasio (Host of ToyPizza)

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7-7:30 PM - We Love Fine (Place to get all your Bee and PuppyCat merch) 

7:30-8 PM - Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen)

8PM - EPISODE GOES LIVE (With Natasha and Hannah Hart on watching on the LiveStream)


{Hello!} there everyone, and welcome back! Ready for my third and final recipe of the week? I hope so cause even though this one is simple, I feel like it was the best one. (for me!) That Antelope Stew was good but man, do I ever love breakfast food!

So, for my last recipe I decided to do La Noscean Toast. I figured since I was already making the Walnut Bread I might as well make something that goes along with it. I also realize you can make the Finger Sandwhiches as well but don’t worry!  I will save that for another week!

The in game descriptions of  Walnut Bread says:

“A slice of bread soaked in a mixture of buffalo milk and eggs, and then fried in creamy butter. A specialty at the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.”

If you hadn’t guessed by now this recipe is pretty much your standard French Toast recipe. At first you might ask yourself “Well, what’s so great about that? I already know how to make french toast!” Ah! But we aren’t making just any kind of French Toast! We’re making French Toast with Walnut Bread!

Speaking of Walnut Bread, here is the recipe you will need in order to try this recipe out!:

Let me tell you though. I was skeptical at first too. However, after my first bite I was floored. Between the crisp buttery flavor and the texture of the walnuts in each slice it-was-amazing! So much so that I plan on making this bread for myself more often just so I can make this on any morning I want french toast!

Also, you aren’t limited to just butter and syrup! Try adding fruit toppings or my personal favorite: WHIPPED CREAM! I love whip cream so much. So much so most peopel ask me “Would you like some dessert with you whipped cream?” xD

I highly reccomend trying out this recipe. While making the Walnut Bread is a little extra work I promise it is very much worth it! Be sure to give it a try! As always, thanks for looking and we’ll {see you again!} in the next recipe!

Here are the ingredients for easy clipboard access! Happy baking!


½ Cup of milk
1 Egg
½ Teaspoon of pure olive oil (
regular olive oil)
½ Tablespoon of butter
4 Slices of walnut bread 

Maple Syrup

They say a man once died from eating one of these, but with a smile on his face and the pain of his collapsing heart and violently over-clocking digestive system numbed by the overwhelming pleasure of the miniature replicas of Heaven dancing on his taste buds in every bite, he slipped out an excruciating, “It was worth every bite.” Ladies and gentleman I present to you:

The “Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake”
The Cheesecake Factory (Sherman Oaks)
1370 Calories.