la costra nostra

Mel Gibson
Lil B "The BasedGod"
Mel Gibson

I fuckin’ choked a bitch. Oh my god I’m Mel Gibson. oh my god, I’m a actor, I’m a rapper.  In Mel Gibson Lil B ascertains the dichotomy between fucking like an actor versus a rapper. 

  • “thirty on my dick and I’m high like my groupies / Ten on my dick cuz my diamonds white like Snoopy”
  • “Cocaine Based God, bitch La Costra Nostra / Zips in the closet, money in the sofa”
  • “Bitch my name Brandon, Lil B my main ho / dress that bitch up, then you get what you signed fo’”
La Costra Nostra

La Cosa Nostra. This thing of ours. Our little secret. It’s everywhere. Yet, no one seems to notice. Or is everyone to afraid to see what is right in front of them? And if so: why are they afraid? Bar owners who need to pay a monthly price, just to make sure their bar isn’t burnt to the ground ‘by accident’. Young soldiers on the streets, selling drugs. Men, tortured into their death, because they couldn’t keep their mouth shut about what goes on in the streets that seem oh so safe while the sun is still up in the sky. But when the night falls, and the moon reveals the secrets the sun is so desperately trying to hide, the mafia comes out, to do business.


Yukmouth - La Costra Nostra