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PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals For Oceans Cozumel 2015, Completed Murals (Part 1).

During July 17th through the 26th, 2015 artists from around the world participated in Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans, a project by ocean conservationists PangeaSeed sponsored by 1xRUN, Tony Delfino and World Art Destinations.  The festival, held in Cozumel, Mexico this year, saw 35 large scale murals painted around the island city to help bring awareness to the need to save our oceans and the wildlife that inhabits them.  Artists included (Above, in order): Bicicleta Sem Freio, Alexis Diaz, Amanda Lynn, Christopher Konecki, Colectivo la Quinta, Caratoes x Celeste Byers, Aaron Glasson and Fintan MaGee.

Photographs are by Tre’ Packard, The Stills Agency, Dan Armand,Nate Peracciny, Josh Wright, Jason Wilson, Zane Meyer and Emad Rashidi.

Well, Mexico persevered through referees trying to sabotage their World Cup, but sadly Italy could not. Marchisio’s challenge should’ve been yellow. It was absolutely not red. There was no intent, he was playing the ball (poorly) and at close distance with his momentum, it was something that was completely unavoidable. Nothing in the challenge constituted a red card. 

Then that cheating cocksucker Luis Suarez fucking bites Chiellini and nothing is done about it. I’m livid right now. Suarez is a cheat, a dirty player, and he deserved to be sent off. If he’s allowed to play another match in this tournament, it will be a horrible injustice. Edinson Cavani is nearly as bad with the way he throws elbows and constantly brings players down without any semblance of anything resembling a play on the ball. Uruguay have been a dirty, classless team through the group stage and do not deserve to go through. Not at all. Italy were fucking cheated and I can’t believe that corrupt, manipulative officiating like this is still allowed to go on.