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Musical theatre asks
  • Broadway/theatre -
  • Musical: Name?
  • Broadway: Sexuality?
  • Times square: Gender?
  • New york city: Height?
  • Big Apple: Age?
  • Broadway star: Eye color?
  • Merch: Hair color?
  • Stage: Religion?
  • Overture: Where were you born?
  • Orchestra: What are some of your hobbies?
  • Front row: What languages do you speak?
  • Balcony: Do you play an instrument?
  • Playbill: Do you play any sports?
  • Backstage: Do you have any pets?
  • Rehersal: Piercings?
  • Mic check: Tattoos?
  • Opening night: Glasses or contacts?
  • Audition: What time is it right now?
  • Musicals -
  • Wicked: Favorite food?
  • Phantom of the Opera: Favorite color?
  • Chicago: Favorite animal?
  • Sweeney Todd: Favorite movie?
  • Les mis: Favorite quote?
  • Into the woods: Favorite drink?
  • Newsies: Favorite song?
  • Seussical: Favorite band?
  • Songs for a new world: Favorite happy memory?
  • Hairspray: Favorite flower?
  • Pitch perfect: Favorite scent?
  • West side story: Favorite Tv series?
  • Pippin: Favorite game?
  • Thoroughly modern millie: Favorite youtuber?
  • Rent: Favorite character?
  • Heathers: Favorite book?
  • 9 to 5: Favorite fairytale?
  • Grease: Favorite mythical creature?
  • If/then: Favorite author?
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Favorite name?
  • 25th annual Putnam county spelling bee: Favorite Season?
  • Urine town: Favorite time of day?
  • A chorus line: Favorite actor/actress
  • Kinky boots: Favorite ride at an amusement park?
  • Anything goes: Favorite hairstyle?
  • Book of mormon: Favorite joke?
  • Lion king: Favorite show when you were a kid?
  • Little mermaid: Favorite ice cream flavor?
  • Singing -
  • Soprano: Ever been in love?
  • Mezzo: Ever had a crush?
  • Belter: Ever fallen out of love?
  • Alto: Ever asked someone out/ been asked out?
  • Contralto: Ever cheated/been cheated on?
  • Tenor: Ever been kissed?
  • Baritone: Ever been cuddled?
  • Bass: Ever been heartbroken?
  • Vocal range: Ever been in a relationship?
  • Warm ups: Have you always known your sexuality?
  • Breathing: When was the last time you had a crush?
  • Pitch: Do you want to marry one day?
  • Note: Do you like someone now?
  • Posture: Does someone like you?
  • 16-32 bars: Are you in love with love?
  • Dancing -
  • Theatrical: I like your blog
  • Lyrical: You're cute
  • Jazz: Date me?
  • Vaudeville: I wish we talked
  • Hip hop: Do you have a secret?
  • Tap: I like ____ about you
  • Modern: I wish I was you
  • Ballet: I want you to notice me
  • Ballroom: Did you like this past year?
  • Line dancing: Do you like me?
  • Tango: I wish we lived closer
  • Free style: *hug*
  • Acting -
  • Character: Winter or summer?
  • Script: Fall or spring?
  • Actor: Ice cream or hot chocolate?
  • Actress: Fruit or vegetables?
  • Line: Hugs or kisses?
  • Stage fight: Early bird or night owl?
  • Stage kiss: Dresses or sweatpants?
  • Stage presense: LA or NYC?
  • Projection: Breakfast or dinner?
  • Emotion: Hot weather or cold weather?
  • Monolouge: Art or sports?
  • Dialouge: Coffee or tea?
Italian Vocabulary - Day

☀️ (il) sole - sun
☀️ (il) cielo - sky
☀️ (la) luce - light
☀️ (l’) alba - dawn
☀️ (la) mattina  - morning
☀️ (il) risveglio - waking up
☀️ (il) raggio - ray
☀️ (la) nuvola - cloud
☀️ (la) colazione - breakfast
☀️ (la) routine - routine 


I’ve been meeting some cute rich and young guys on Tinder. The 30 year old bought me $300 worth of Alo Yoga clothes and invited me to Vegas. I’m really attracted to him but I hold off on sex for as long as possible. That’s when you get the most gifts!

My Santa Barbara daddy took me to the spa and we got a couples massage.

Then my boyfriend took me to Beauty N Essex for dinner then Republique for breakfast in LA. I’m totally loving Equinox Sports Club LA West LA ($300 one, $230). It’s seriously the best gym… my bf is paying for it ❤️

My boyfriend was being a bad boy so all of a sudden I became unavailable and now he’s checking my snaps 3 times a day and wants to hang out all the time.

My nail lady gave me the best advice… she told me to busy with my gfs but never make him think I’m with another man. I snap fun stuff I’m doing with my gfs all day. And only give them 75% love. Don’t ever fill them up or overflow. That’s how you keep them coming back!

Let’s do some more affirmations ladies:
We are attracting rich ass sugar daddies that are young, hot, generous, that love us. They will spoil us and buy us everything we want because we are powerful women!

I hope we all make it! Go work out, eat something healthy, and go find some daddiesssssssss!!!

Everyday activities in Spanish

If i miss some, please tell me. Added a small example.

Wake up - Despertar - Yo despierto muy temprano.

Make the bed - Hacer la cama - Siempre hago mi cama al despertar.

Brush teeth - Cepillar dientes - Debes cepillar tus dientes todos los dias.

Get dressed - Vestirse - ¡Mejor me visto rapido!

Wash face - Lavar cara - Lavate la cara, aun tienes lagañas. (That “sand” in your eyes)

Ask bless - Pedir la bendicion - Mi mamá se molesta si no le pido la bendicion en la mañana .

Make breakfast - Hacer el desayuno - Los sabados te toca a ti hacer el desayuno.

Eat breakfast - Desayunar - Es mejor desayunar en familia .

Go to school/work - Ir a la escuela/el trabajo - Debo apresurarme en ir a la escuela/el trabajo.

Drive - Conducir - Mi padre conduce muy lento.

Go home - Ir a casa - Mamá, ya quiero irme a casa.

Feed the dog/cat - Dar de comer al perro/gato - Al llegar a casa le doy de comer al gato.

Make dinner- Hacer el almuerzo -  Mi mamá debe ya de estar haciendo el almuerzo.

Eat dinner - Almorzar - Adoro almorzar macarrones con queso.

Put the table - Poner la mesa - Mis hermanos y yo ponemos la mesa.

Wash dishes - Lavar platos - Mi hermana debe lavar los platos hoy.

Do homework - Hacer tarea - No puedo hacer tarea con tan poca luz.

Take a nap - Tomar una siesta - No hay nada mas saludable que tomar una buena siesta.

Eat snack - Merendar/comer un bocadillo - Es media noche, un momento perfecto para merendar/comer un bocadillo.

Work out - Ejercitarse - Me ejercito tres veces a la semana.

Check social network - Revisar red social - Siempre estoy revisando facebook en mi celular.

Chat - Mensajear/Chatear - He estado chateando con una chica nueva.

Go to sleep - Ir a dormir - Necesito descansar, ya me voy a dormir.