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acynosure  asked:

Do you have a headcanon voice actor for Oranhamme? Or can you maybe describe how he sounds like in your head?

I never was able to pinpoint a voice actor unfortunately. Many have shared their headcanons but I just could never find that exact pitch and tone I wanted for him.  But some inspirations for his voice are:

Sinclair from Bioshock
Daddy La Beouf from Princess and the Frog
Lil Gideon from Gravity Falls

I think Daddy La Beouf is close in terms of pitch. I never imagined Oranhamme to have a very low pitched voice. He’s not a super slow talker either. So in a way I guess Daddy La Beouf would be a good starting point to branch out from.

Sinclair has a certain classiness about him that I like for Oranhamme. I always thought of him as being very polite and very charming. When I listened to Sinclair speaking I did like how suave he could be. However, Oranhamme to me isn’t meant to be necessarily seductive more, welcoming, inviting. Kinda like he makes ya feel at home when you talk to him, even if you just met you feel like you’ve chatted before.

Lil Gideon may seem a little odd in this mix but I’ve always loved how animated his voice gets. Theres such a great range of emotion it covers that I dont get from Sinclair and Daddy La Beof. I think specifically it is Lil Gideon’s anger that kinda gave me inspiration for Oranhamme. Oranhamme does not get mad too easily but when he loses his temper its really bad. I’ve drawn him with some big angry expressions and I think Lil Gideon’s wrath really just fit that well.

I hope that helps?

The Spookiest Halloween Party Mix | Listen

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Everything In Between - Part 7

Hey everyone, so this is part 7. I’m just going to put this out there… it’s not a happy part, possibly a trigger for some people. Maybe not, just wanted to make sure. But anyway, I hope it’s not too too terrible on anyone. And also, my college’s spring break is next week so I’m going to try very hard to publish something next week and not just leave you guys hanging but there won’t be wifi in the house me and my friends are staying in so… we’ll see. I’ll do my best though. 

But anyway, thanks so much for reading, I hope you guys have an awesome day. 

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