la batalla de puebla

Dear White people,


Dear non-Mexicans,

Okay so, tomorrow is May 5th or Cinco de Mayo, if you’re that type of person. 

And contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexico’s Independence day. That day is September 16th (celebrated on the 15th). So if you believe you are celebrating Mexico’s independence, then you are wrong.

Also, if you wear a sombrero and dress in “typical’ Mexican fashion, then you are being racist. And if you use this day as an excuse to get wasted on tequila then you’re just gross and have reduced a pretty significant day in Mexican history to a day where you eat tacos and get bombed on margaritas.

Also, Cinco de Mayo isn’t really celebrated nationwide in Mexico. It’s mostly celebrated in Puebla. Because Cinco de Mayo is also know as “La Batalla de Puebla” or “The Battle of Puebla” where the Mexican army won, despite the odds, against the French army during the French intervention in Mexico.

Now, I need you to remember that because it is important. To me, since Puebla is where my mother was born. To my people. And to my culture. 

Cinco de Mayo is not yours to celebrate. It is not your excuse to get drunk on what will be a Thursday.

Now, despite that being said, I don’t mind if you celebrate Cinco de Mayo so long as you know it’s significance and you don’t reduce the day to gross stereotypes.

Respect the culture and Mexicans will invite you over for a cook out and a good conversation. We are not what you see on tv. We are a diverse people who love our culture and don’t mind sharing as long as there is respect.

Respect Cinco de Mayo and Enjoy Cinco de Mayo.

Originally Mexico’s Independence is tomorrow (it was in the midnight from 15 to 16) but we always begin to celebrate it today. This happened back in 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo made “El Grito” in which he encouraged the people to take anything they found as weapon and begin the fight against Spanish people to become an independent nation.

It’s sometimes annoying to see foreigners believing 5 de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence day, that’s incorrect that day is the celebration of la Batalla de Puebla, it’s different. I’m writing this just as an informative thing of why you found Mexico’s post on your dash because I reblogged them hehe sorry.

Anyways, I’m a proud Mexican who feels so blessed to be living in a country like this. Yeah we have many problems and difficulties just like any other country but I would never deny nor change my nationality, to me it’s one of the best things I will ever have in my life. We live in a holy land full of beauty and happiness, people here are happy even with our limitations and I guess that’s something no one will ever take away from us. If you ever want to come to Mexico don’t miss the chance because I can promise you, it’ll be an unforgettable experience and people will treat you as a friend more than just a tourist :)

¡Viva México!