la arrolladora banda limon


Banda Valetines Pt.2

There’s a lack of corny, comic sans, valentine e-cards in Spanish and more so specifically… Banda and Regional Mexican Music themed cards. I’m just trying to solve this problem. These are all made by me, enjoy.


algo romanticon

So last night me and my boyfriend were talking and I kinda dozzed off and woke up a few minutes later because of a stupid nightmare, fucking nightmares.

anywho, he was still up, playing with my hair, and he asked if I was okay and if I had a nightmare.

I told him Yes.

So he told me what I regularly do when I have nightmares, So I put on Pandora on and this song came on.

He started to sing it to me in my ear O_O I never had someone do that before oka

but I finally fell asleep while he sang to me :)