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Holi 7u7 Bueno estas son mis preguntas: 1; 4; 6; 17; 18; 25; 34; 47; 55 y 61. Pd: Buenas noches linda

1. Piensa en la última persona que te dijo “Te amo” ¿Crees que en verdad lo sentía? Yo creo que si, que ese te amo fue sincero:(

4. ¿Le sonreirías a un(a) extraño(a)?  Siempre lo hago, en el metro, en la calle y en la micro.👀

6. ¿Hoy escuchaste una canción que te recuerde a alguien? Si :(, No te apartes de mi- Vicentico☹.

17. ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que lloraste?

la semana pasada:(

18. ¿Le has dicho a alguna persona que la amas?  si y fue sincero.

25. ¿Hay alguien que te diga frecuentemente (sin contar la familia) que te ama? jadghjgds no:(

34. Si tuvieras que eliminar un año de tu vida, ¿Cuál sería?

eliminaría el 2014.

47. ¿Revives cosas que ya pasaron una y otra vez en tu cabeza? Cada maldito día:(💔

55. ¿Eres bueno(a) escondiendo tus sentimientos?  Creo que si, no se.🙄

61. ¿Cómo está tu corazón? Creo que esta un poquito mejor que antes:(

Buenas noches, saludossss

Vídeo teaser del Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS desde el AnimeJapan 2017.

El Anime se estrenará en mayo.

Desde el AnimeJapan 2017 han revelado el primer vídeo teaser de Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, el próximo sexto Anime para televisión en la franquicia de cartas intercambiables de Yu-Gi-Oh! de Konami, ha revelao una nueva imagen promocional, reparto, equipo y a su artista de opening el viernes. El Anime se estrenará en mayo del 2017. Un nuevo especial para televisión titulado Yu-Gi-Oh! Labo saldrá al aire el 5 de abril a las 6:25 p.m. para promocionar el nuevo Anime.

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this is honestly my favourite episode right now and after watching it for the millionth time, i submit my thesis :

  • okay, can we talk about guang-hong ji, first?  he is chinese and 17 and soooooo adORABLE! like, he’s just so cute and i absolutely adore him. his short program was amazing! he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll :D
  • next, leo de la iglesia! oh my god i love him too, all these beautiful characters, y’know. so he’s american  and honestly i appreciate the creators for not putting in some stereotypical white person, especially at a time like this (post election). i ship him with guang-hong ji okay, like how can you not? i feel like their relationship is already very cute, much like victuri from the old days tbh
  • phichit chulanont! phichit-kun has met all of my expectations (and more)… he’s so sweet and like i honestly think we have a squad here : minami kenjiro, phichit, guang hong and leo = the cinnamon rolls squad ™ ! or it could be the victuri shipper squad bc oh my , do all of them ship it
  • georgi popovich, holy mother of geese, i was practically crying at his performance.. the makeup oh my lord and our little yurio’s reaction was priceless lmao, but still he’s definitely a contender, being 2nd and i really want to know more about that woman who caused him to become the evil witch and whatnot, thinking over it, i’d like to see her skating as we haven’t  seen any female skate till now
  • chris, chris, chris! dear lord, christophe giacometti… i am not sure if i should laugh or feel mildly disgusted.. holy spokes he is something, isn’t he? well i have a feeling that the reason why yuri wanted to ‘be the man who stole victor from the world’ was partly bc chris told him very straightforwardly that he should leave victor, so idk i mean i don’t really think he’s getting between victor and yuri rn (well as if he could; victor being the clingiest boyfriend on the planet) but who knows … he came 6th but as victor said he likes to take it slow so yeah, he is a contender 
  • okay now that all the new amazing characters have been talked about, lets talk about the clingy boyfriend coach we have here
  • victor nikiforov, ladies and gentlemen, is the most supportive bean i’ve ever seen.. like his reactions at yuri’s performance were so full of pure joy and he looks so in love! i love the fact that basically in all of the times yuri was with him, his arm was around him, he’s so protective oh my god, like how does victuri get more real every passing episode?? oh and drunk!victor… god bless isn’t that like what most fanfictions are based on? this anime will be the dea th of all of us i’m telling you 
  • and finally *drumroll* yuri “laNDED THAT QUADRUPLE SALCHOW” katsuki, everyone. he did it, guys. he actually mastered eros and this was by far the best performance; he didn’t have to imagine the story of the woman and the playboy or even katsudon to capture the emotion because this time, he had victor. the lip-licking think omf shook me up and “i am the only one who can satisfy victor. i am the only one in the whole world who knows victor’s love.” like if this isn’t canon, i don’t know what is, gods of olympus i’ll be dead when this is finally over