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Hi, what kind of fantasy themed book would you recommend? btw love your blog

Sorry for taking so long to reply anon 😅

My favourite fantasy books are those that combine romance and adventure. I am such a bookworm I can’t possible choose one so I’ll do a rec list for you. You’ll see I have a real thing for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance lol  

A word of warning a lot of these are adult orientated books but some are young-adult. 

Amazing Authors to check out and I’ll put a * by the series I’ve re-read multiple times. Some of these really are guilty pleasures lmao  

I’ve read a lot more but these were the first ones to catch my attention on my good reads list. 

Kristen Ashley - Fantasyland Series *

Elise Kova - Air Awakens

Anne Bishop - The Others Series

Suzanne Wright - The Dark in you Series

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands Series

Rebecca Zanetti  - The Scorpius syndrome & Dark Protectors series

Sally Slater  - Paladin 

Karen Marie Moning - Fever & Highlander series

Rachel Hartman - Seraphina 

Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician Trilogy

Lindsay J. Pryor - The Blackthorn Series

Juliette Cross  - Vale of Stars Series

J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series *

Sherrilyn Kenyon  - Dark Hunterverse *

Christine Feehan – Dark Carpathians 

Nalini Singh – Psy-changling and Guild Hunter series *

D.B. Reynolds – Vampires in America Series

Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince Series

Cynthia Eden – Phoenix Fire, Purgatory, Midnight & Night Watch Series *

Christine Warren – The others series *

 Helen Harper – Blood Destiny Series

Amelia Hutchins – The Fae Chronicles *

Laurann Dohner – New Species *

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld 

Thea Harrison - Elder Race Series *

Holly Black - Modern Fairy Tales

my review of images of melissa found online

11/10. i love pie too. beautiful despite having zero (0) eyebrows

11/10. i bet she killed her tune in this one. great voice fair maiden

“RAWR XD” personified. only makeup present is the lashes. basic Extra white girl

sweet texas girl charmer. 11/10

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This is the most I’ve ever seen people update for the past few months y'all are going so wild how do people keep track and draw so much pls do share your secrets o(- (

It Was Always Buddy - Chapter 1 - Rozly - Buddy Thunderstruck - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Buddy Thunderstruck - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Buddy Thunderstruck/ Darnell Fetzervalve
Characters: Buddy Thunderstruck, Muncie Thunderstruck, Darnell Fetzervalve, Leroy, Nick, Really-old-lady, Weaselbrat, Artichoke
Additional Tags: POV Third Person Omniscient, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Denial of Feelings, Self-Esteem Issues, Self-Acceptance, Separation Anxiety, Depression, i suck at summaries

Buddy and Darnell are the best bros to have ever step foot in Greasepit, or earth for that matter. With their very close relationship comes many close moments where Darnell finds himself questioning the border that separates his and Buddy’s friendship and something more intimate. Will he be able to come to accept his feelings for Buddy, or is the risk of possibly losing his best friend just too much for him to handle? This fic will eventually delve into Darnell’s damaged past and life growing up with Buddy.

A/N: My friends have talked me into finally writing a fic for Buddy Thunderstruck (which I’m not complaining). Enjoy my bad writing over two furry gay puppets~~~

I just want you all to know that I’ve written Peter and Stiles’ first meeting in the gladiator/hunger games fic, Peter is teaching Stiles some fighting techniques, and the sexual tension is strong with these two assholes

“One more thing before we start,” Peter says. “Don’t worry about hurting me. You won’t – most likely. And if you do, I won’t get angry. Don’t hold back.”

“I wasn’t planning to. Actually I could really get behind punching a werewolf right about now.”

Peter smirks, clearly amused. “Okay. Do it. I won’t block.”

Stiles pulls his fist back, ready to aim for Peter’s jaw, then changes his mind and punches him in the stomach as hard as he can.

Peter doesn’t flinch, doesn’t even take a step back. “Interesting choice. Punching the abdomen will protect your hands, but it won’t do much to your opponent. You’re not strong enough, not yet. You don’t have the force to knock the wind out of someone, so it’s a waste of energy.”

“I could’ve punched you in the dick,” Stiles retorts, and Peter’s smile just widens, showing teeth.

Guardienne Tag!

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer.

So I got tagged by @ondriaprice and I decided to fill this out with the Guardienne I use most…

Tag more than 6 people you want : uhm… @mclyumi, @mcl-danielle, @mikamycandylove, @mcl-alegria & I dunno, if you wanna do it go for it.

Name or if they have a nickname: Utako… Guess you can call me Uta.

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) :  I’ve learned that I am part Faerie but I still feel like I’m human? I dunno this is all kinda weird… These scales appearing on me are pretty dope though.

What guard are they in ? : I’m in the Obsidian Guard but I don’t know if that says anything about me in particular. All I know is they don’t seem to think I’m capable of doing anything myself.

Which Companion do they have ? : He’s a Corko and he is SICK! I love lizards and Pukk is like some awesome lizard dog!

Favourite Food: Give me anything spicy and I’m a happy girl. Not even gonna lie, the hotter the better.

Favourite Colour: Black I guess, I’m not a colourful kind of person.

Crush(and why): I guess Valkyon is pretty hot… Not that we’ve really had a chance to talk much. :/

Describes yourself in five words: Tiny ball of fury.

What do they like to do in their free time ? : I spend a lot of time just in my room I guess hanging out with Pukk. I feel like he’s the only one I can talk to. He’s the only creature in this weird place I’ve met who hasn’t treated me with any bias since I arrived. I kind of get why everyone here is on edge but surely I’ve shown I’m not gonna stab anyone in the back without a valid reason… Maybe Ez but he’s a jackass.

What do they think about the Human World ? I guess I kind of miss it. I mean my Grandparents were pretty awesome.They never treated me like a kid or like I couldn’t do shit even after the accident. They just let me adjust and learn to do shit again on my own… Do not miss the swear jar though.

What your Guardienne looks like :