i mean i guess when your ship is based off of physical abuse, emotional manipulation, and the complete stripping of caroline’s agency then i guess you could call stefan’s treatment of caroline abusive. i mean it’s not like he killed her boyfriends mom, or is responsible for killing people she cared about, its not like it took her sleeping with him for him to leave her the fuck alone and this was with both of their humanities on. but yea i mean stefan ignoring her is so toxic and abusive, and being there when her mom was dying is so manipulative and abusive it’s not like her feelings for him were there before this, yea ok sure guys sure. 


In this scene of Mabel’s hallucinations, the dogs are heard talking in gibberish, but if they are played backwards, they are heard saying the words; “DISTRUST GRUNKLE”

And then! In the ending of Northwest Mansion Noir, the code below is seen, and translated into; “STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS”

I’m very worried and concerned, Grunkle Stan is personally my favorite, and i’m curious as what he might do.

things i care about very much today

- marianas trench new v i d e o
- here’s to the zeros music video
- how good josh ramsay looks in the new music video
- ian sitting on josh’s lap in the new video
- did i mention marianas trench new music video
- matt and ian becoming mermen in the new video
- my favorite band came out w/ a music video for their latest song

Daddy Calum was always pretty laid back when he was in charge of the kids, letting them go outside in the back yard and run around, play in the dirt, be kids. But, his protective instincts would keep him close to the window, which was good as he saw his little girl trip over a ball and land hard on the concrete. He would slide the glass door open hastily, jogging over to her as she looked up, puppy dog eyes watery as she reached up for Calum. And he’d ask if she was alright and she’d shake her head no before burying her face in his chest and clinging to his shirt as he took her inside and put a “mini rockstar” themed bandaid on her scraped knee and kissed it better