theres always the headcanons about sasuke and naruto about naruto showing up at sasukes and just like oops i made dinner, oops i slept over, oops were holding hands and sasuke just sort of watches naruto do this not accepting or unaccepting it but i raise you this: naruto comes home one day and theres sasuke, eating on his couch. and the next day. and naruto can hear him in the shower. and he doesnt mind at all but Naruto doesnt know how to approach the subject either, he’s never thought this far ahead. Sasuke, given up on hating him immediately switches gears. He makes up for lost time, he makes up for naruto harassing him and following him for years. “Naruto,” he says. “Naruto!!” he yells. “Naruto, naruto, naruto, will you go to the store and get me this? Naruto, come read this to me. Naruto, lets go for a walk.” He comes in while naruto is busy reading scrolls and sits in his lap. Naruto is both annoyed and delighted. 

anyways yall convenience shipped br.aven even after claiming bellamy was abusive and not good enough for clarke, only bc it got in the way of bellarke and yall were calling luna all sorts of awful shit just bc she wasnt ur heda and now yall wanna claim bellarkes only convenient ship sea mechanic or lostia or any other f/f and m/m ship that doesn’t involve bellamy and clarke and like im sorry but??? its hilarious??? that y'all seem to think only ONE f/f ship in the entire world is valid like what the fuck

actually i am firmly of the belief that it spck was some kid living in our time he would ABSOLUTELY be some weird emo kid like even in collision course he had that unnecessarily long black hair and wore a goddamn robe everywhere  like i realize emo is short for emotional but that just makes it all the more ironic

3 things girls should never do to other girls

- Say you don’t have a tampon/pad if you do, help the girl out for crist sake.

- Deny you know where ur clothes came from when a girl compliments them & asks.

- Rip eachother down for their size, sexuality, colour, race or wither they were actually born a girl or not, its how they identify so respect that.