Germany's vice chancellor gave the finger to neo-Nazi protesters. He regrets he wasn't ruder
Germany’s vice-chancellor has defended sticking his middle finger up at a group of neo-nazi protesters. Sigmar Gabriel, who is also the country’s economy minister, said his only mistake was not using both hands.

They accused Mr Gabriel of betraying the memory of his father, who was a Nazi supporter. “Your father loved his country, and what have you done to it? You’re destroying it,” one protester said.

Mr Gabriel has previously openly condemned the fascist beliefs of his father, who he says denied the Holocaust until his death in 2012.

In an interview in 2013, Mr Gabriel said he severed contact with his father at the age of 18 after discovering his Nazi sympathies.

After being confronted, the politician laughed and raised his middle finger at the far-right group before walking away.

He said his critics should think about what they would do if faced with a group of  "young, aggressive, swearing and ready-for-violence Nazis".

“I made only one mistake, I have not used both hands,” he said in the interview on German television.

🌸✏️Ways to keep being little while in school✏️🌸

With university starting up for me in just over a week, I’ve decided to make a list of ways to keep your inner little alive while in school, without being super obvious and making others uncomfortable.

🎒 Choose a cute backpack, or add some cute accessories to your bag

🍬 Bring cute snacks, like pocky or goldfish crackers, to snack on when you get hungry

🍼 Use a sippy-like water bottle

💊 Pack cute/patterned bandaids in case you get a booboo (and don’t forget any meds you have to take!)

📚 Decorate your school supplies with stickers!

🐻 Slip a small stuffie, blankie, or paci into your bag so you can use it when no one is around

🍓Pack yourself a cute (and nutritious) lunch to keep your belly full for a long day of studying

✏️ Use pretty pencils and colourful/glitter pens to take notes

🎶 Make a happy little space playlist that you can listen to

🎀 Pick accessories or a hairstyle that make you feel adorable

💧Take time off for yourself! It’s okay to cry if things get a little overwhelming

💟 Talk to your friends, and your caregiver, if you have one

Ferrum Gloria

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Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Nightmares have been plaguing your dreams lately. What could they mean, and what effect will they have on your relationship?

Word Count -  2,812

Warnings - Fluff, angst, cursing, canon-typical violence ie. temporary suicide/death? (I really don’t want to spoil the story, but I want people to know that reader does take her own life. It is non-permanent and is described very briefly, but I don’t want to risk anyone getting triggered.)

A/N - This fic is a part of @torn-and-frayed ‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge! The song I chose was In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. ‘Ferrum Gloria’ is latin for Iron Butterfly- or at least that’s what google translate told me. Heh. This is the first challenge I’ve ever done, so let me know what you thought!

You weren’t sure how much more of it you could take. You spent too many nights waking up in a cold sweat, heart racing from your dreams. There wasn’t much to them, just darkness and a sense of foreboding. They’d been happening for what seemed like a month now, slowly eating away at you.

What scared you was the fact that lately they’d gotten worse. They began to feel even more real and you couldn’t understand what they meant. Dreams were the brain’s way of dealing with life, right? So what could your dreams possibly be about?

You were glad for the consistency and monotony of daily life to distract you from your situation. You climbed out of your bed slowly, careful not to wake your boyfriend in the process. He grumbled in his sleep at the movement, pulling his pillow in closer to his face before settling with a small soft sigh.

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Heyy, Idk if you knew, But IGNs Snapchat posted one of your undertale art, which I thought was pretty cool :)

WHAA?!? okay i knew they were posting it on their website for a little article thing but i didnt know they put it in their snapstory too?!!! YO!!! WELL!! THATS REALLY FREAKING NEAT Wa A A ?! !!!