‪You look like such a tiny boy with your clean shaven face and I just want to hide you in my pocket so no one can hurt you. But you! You went on stage tonight and did that performance! You showed what true courage and strength is tonight! And I can’t be more proud to be a fan of someone like you. You are such a force! You owned it tonight! And to put aside your emotions and grief and to do this for your mum, is the kind of love and dedication and strength that is so pure and it’s just simply you. ‬I hope you are engulfed in hugs and so much of love right now, cos you deserve all of that and so much more. Thank you for being an inspiration and a remarkable gem of a person. I may not have know your mum personally, but she will definitely be so proud of you. We, are all so proud of you. Keep holding on darling, and we are all here with you. ❤️