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Screw it.

He had never took him for a crier, much less anything but a jovial fool. Yet the cowboy stood in front of him, trembling. Sobbing.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still because of BBH

Baekhyun: *starts stripping* 

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Me, exo ls:  

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Obama, the world, aliens:

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EXO Reaction when your parents tell them they’re the first boy you’ve brought home

This one is really sweet I loved it! Xoxo, Admin A~

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*Flattered* “Really sir? I hope that means something good. I’ll be sticking around for a while!” *really proud*


*Inside his head* “That’s because I’m The Man!” *Sassy af*


*Never shuts up about it* “Tell them jagi… tell the hyungs who was the first one you took to your parents! Hah that’s Oh Sehun for y’all!” *The boss*


*Really nervous* “Wow… really? Does this mean you’ll go easy on me? Or… should I worry?” *Cold sweat*


*Can’t with himself* “Seriously? You aren’t messing with my feelings right? How come I didn’t know about this!” *Happy puppy*


*Happiness lasts for 3456 hours and you just can’t shut him down* “I’m the first! I’m the first! And they liked me!! Who’s the manly now Lulu?”


“And she is the first and only girl I’ll ever introduce to my parents. I love you jagi!” *Cute byun boy*


“This is a special occasion then!” *Does the happy dance* “Suddenly I feel like ten times manlier!”


*Shocked* “Does this mean… I’m the chosen one?!” *Feeling like in a movie*


*Perfect* “I feel very honored sir. I won’t disappoint you and I’ll protect your daughter with my life” *Boyfriend goals, he even shines!*


*Overwhelmed* “I’ll try very hard on making your daughter happy sir! I promise I’ll be  good son ma’am!” 


*Living the dream* “Of course it was me… who else could it be? I’m perfect for her… and she knows it”

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