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why doyou think xiumin is more satan than kyungsoo?

xiu has even said himself that he is most like d.o in personality

so I’d say they were equal amounts of evil that the world would never be able to handle if they teamed up their evil

both d.o and xiumin attack baekhyun quite a lot bc baekhyun is a lil shit

and lets not forget the death stare

I still wonder how baek is still alive

xiu is done with exo’s shit a lot of the time

“I’m too old for this shit”

xiu got pissy when chanyeol couldn’t guess the presents correctly

but xiu showed his evil the most in crime scene

he is a powerful being and we are his minions that will attack under his orders

he literally does not give two shits “oh yeah we had something and I can use that to make people believe that you are the criminal”

xiu is too witty to be not evil

also his eyebrows are too strong he must’ve sold his soul to satan for them



The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

  • Amazon: 4.5
  • Goodreads: 3.96

L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz reads like a kids’ logic puzzle in which the object is to use your traveling companions and environment to accomplish your goals. Being attacked by wolves? Let the tin woodman cut their heads off. Need to jump a giant chasm? Lions are good at jumping! All along the yellow brick road to Oz, the four travelers constantly encounter obstacles and allies. Many of these episodes are much more violent or terrifying than the movie. And although not all of them were completely necessary, they were fun to read, and it gave the characters ample chance to show how they can muster brains, courage, and heart when friends are in trouble.

The characters are likable misfits. The most surprising was the tin woodman, whose backstory made his character the most salient of the bunch. The most disappointing was Dorothy, who was more or less a chess piece being moved around a board. Her only contribution to the story is and a healthy dose of American earnestness and a tendency to fret about going home. She is rewarded for things that weren’t really her accomplishment, given a protection that makes her almost immune to danger, and if it weren’t for the other three going with her, she probably would have died early in the story. If nothing else, she does kind of provide the bond that keeps everyone together as a team. As for the minor characters (and the Wicked Witch of the West is minor in Baum’s book), there is enough nuance in their behavior to make them hold their own and contribute to the themes of the story. Surprisingly, the flying monkeys are given an interesting backstory, and I found them one of my favorite characters.

Baum’s writing is sparse, uncomplicated, but communicates enough details that work beyond the utilitarian prose and stick with the reader.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz proves that it deserves to be a story that lives on several centuries into the future. It’s everything a good fairy tale should be.

by guest reviewer

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Exo React To Overhearing That You Like Them

Anonymous asked: How would EXO react if another member suddenly blurted out that I had a crush on one of them? Like, if Chanyeol said I had a crush on Lay within Lay’s earshot. :)

Ah, our first request~ This is actually a really nice request and we enjoyed doing it! It kinda ended up as ‘if exo realised they liked you’ but hopefully that’s still ok.

Hope you like it~ ≧◡≦

- Poppy x


He’d probably be shocked to say the least when he hears this. I think he’d be blushing and would find it very hard to talk to you for a while because he’s simply just too shy to say anything. After sitting there for about 30 minutes thinking of the nicest way to say “hi”, he’d stand up, make eye contact for 0.003 seconds, and just sit back down blushing while his heart beats faster than its ever gone before. Eventually he’d pluck up the courage to invite you out for coffee or something.


I think Luhan would also be a nervous little lump when he’s around you after hearing that you liked him. He wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye for long without blushing or nervously twitching but then again I also feel like he’d be really excited when he overheard what the other members were talking about and would try to spend as much time with you as possible so he could get to know you better. He’d ask you one day if you wanted to meet up at the park with another friend and would then claim that the friend couldn’t make it so that he could be alone with you.


Ok, do you really think this guy needs anything to boost his ego? Didn’t think so. If he overheard another member saying you liked him, he’d try to be the coolest guy on the planet - and fail miserably. He tries to walk with 'swag’ to try and impress you and ends up tripping and falling on his face. Tries a new pick-up-line on you and starts choking mid-sentence. In the end he’d probably just give up and ask you out for dinner somewhere. Just not KFC I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.


You can’t really get any more awkward than Suho, right? When he hears the other members he’d be a blushing mess, although he might not believe them since he’s used to those kids and their little pranks. He’d probably either be extremely shy and awkward around you, avoiding all eye contact and blushing whenever you walk in the room, or he’d be a little too enthusiastic to see you, and by that I mean standing up in the middle of the room with a massive smile on his face as he waves until his arm falls off. 


I think Lay would be really shy around you after he knows that you like him and would probably try to make a conversation with you but end up stuttering and not finding any of the right words to say. Having a decent conversation with him would seem almost impossible since he would only answer with either 'yes’ or 'that sounds nice’. You may start to feel a little uncomfortable but Lay on the other hand would be having a great time listening to your voice as he gets to know you more and more.


I honestly think he would be the cutest little tease ever. Once he knew how you felt about him he wouldn’t be able stop sending little hints your way. From discreet winking to not-so-discreet-and-actually-rather-terrifying eyebrow raising, you’d probably catch on to it sooner or later. However if you didn’t catch on he’d just pull you to the side and whisper “So I heard from a little birdy that you like someone..?” and would give a cheesy little grin as he points to himself.


Chen would actually act pretty similar to Baekhyun in my opinion, but would be even more of a tease. Remember that incredibly sexy omfgvnsjefhvrrurif thing he did with the yoghurt on the radio show? Imagine him doing that with every. single. bit. of. food. or. drink. He’d be the kind of guy to act all innocent as if he wasn’t doing anything at all but in his head he knew what he was doing and he liked it. I can also imagine him doing the most random things ever to try and make you laugh and see that he’s a funny guy; for example the chopsticks incident.


When around other people, he’d be a total goofball and wouldn’t be able to stop being weird but as soon as the two of you were on your own, he’d be really shy and wouldn’t know what to say. You’d often find yourself glancing at him and immediately looking away because his eyes are constantly on you. #CREEPYEOL He’d probably end up saying something that sounded really sweet in his head like “you have a cute nose” but in reality it sounded something like “you have nice nostrils.” and you’d both just burst out laughing.


The best way to describe D.O in a situation like this is a 'adorable squishy ball of marshmallow babies’. I have no idea it’s late and I’m tired. He’d be super sweet and caring and would do anything to see you smile. One day he’d probably 'accidentally’ make an extra lunch so he’d end up giving it to you, hoping to impress you with his cooking skills. I also think that he’d often get caught looking at you with the satansoo expression and end up getting super embarrassed at your creeped out expression because the poor boy has trouble controlling that squishy little face of his.


In my opinion Tao would be really similar to Kris and Baekhyun. He’d be a cocky little shit and would try to impress you by being cool and would attempt to subtly flirt with you across the room. However I also think he’d be really shy when he was actually face to face with you and would giggle like a little school girl whenever you made eye contact. I don’t think he’d try to show you any of his martial arts skills because he'd be terrified that he’d let go of his nunchucks and you would be left lying in the middle of the floor with a large red nunchuck-shaped mark on your head.


This little ball of fluff would be so nervous and shy around you. If he didn’t have the courage to go up to you he’d just admire you from afar like he does with Kyungsoo but if he did talk to you he'd be giggly and also polite, wanting you to know that he’s a genuinely nice guy. He wouldn’t flirt with you intentionally, but I feel like he would unknowingly begin flirting whilst having no clue what he’s doing. If he had the chance he would probably ask if you wanted to go with him to walk his dogs and if you went along he’d casually slip into the conversation somewhere saying that he thinks you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.


Last and most certainly not least, Oh Sehun. The bratty maknae would be quite a tease but would act really uninterested at the same time. You thought he was waving to you? No, of course not. It was the pretty girl Luhan standing behind you. He sent you a really sweet message? Nope. Wrong number apparently. Of course he would only be doing this to wind you up and not to make you upset, however if you did become sad and depressed because of it he would feel terrible and just straight up tell you how he feels about you.

Hope you enjoyed our first reaction! If you want more things like this feel free to make a request - our box is open!! We take gif/written reactions, scenarios, outfits and inspired looks.

Our first scenario - which is part of a little college!au series we’ll be doing for each member - should be up either today or tomorrow. Who could it be? ╚(•⌂•)╝