Guinea pigs often engage in eating races to see who can complete their food the fastest. Clearly, the one on the left has won this round.

hello i would like to introduce to you a reversed version of the helena singing in the car scene where instead one of sarah’s jams comes on at home and she aggressively and dramatically stomps around the room, playing air guitar/headbanging and singing while helena stares in awe.

(”you are very wonderful performer, sestra. good stage presence.”)

The actors on The Flash who can sing...

Grant Gustin
Candice Patton
Tom Cavanagh
Jesse L. Martin
Carlos Valades
Rick Cosnett
Matt Letscher
Victor Garber
Andy Meintus

So why the frack is there no musical episode planned for the show!!!

imagine Stana’s puppy being the ring bearer though. and was gigi her maid of honour?? IMAGINE WHAT MAMA AND PAPA KATIC’S FACES WERE AS THEIR ELDEST CHILD/DAUGHTER WALKED DOWN THE AISLE (and her siblings’ reaction too). dID SHE WEAR A GOWN OR A SUNDRESS? WAS IT LACE? did she go barefoot or flats? did she wear flowers on her hair bc she’s a damn flower child??? but most of all imagine stana’s face as she said her vows HUWHUHAUHAUHU