'BEST OF BTS’ Jacket Photos and Tracklist

On January 6th (Fri) next year, BTS will release their first ever “Best Of” album. The jacket photos for both Japanese songs “THE BEST OF BTS - JAPAN EDITION -“ and Korean songs “THE BEST OF BTS - KOREA EDITION -“ have been released!

“THE BEST OF BTS - JAPAN EDITION -“ has a “white” theme, including all the single Japanese tracks released so far as well as 14 live recordings that were the most popular out of the Japanese songs. “THE BEST OF BTS - KOREA EDITION -“ has a “black” theme, including their top 14 songs in Korean with a Music Video in the making for these songs. The contrast between black and white is also an image made to create an overall visual.


■ Special First Print Edition
(CD + DVD + Special Edition exclusive packaging)
[Product Number / Price] PCCA.04488/¥4,000 [tax included]

■ Normal Edition (CD only)
[Product Number / Price] PCCA.04489/¥2,500 [tax included]

■ Track List: Special First Print Edition, Normal Edition
1.NO MORE DREAM -Japanese Ver.-
2.BOY IN LUV -Japanese Ver.-
3.Danger -Japanese Ver.-
4.Attack on Bangtan-Japanese Ver.-
5.MISS RIGHT -Japanese Ver.-
6.いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜 (I Like It! Pt.2 ~At that place~)
8.War of Hormone -Japanese Ver.-
9.I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
10.DOPE -超ヤベー!- (Japanese Ver.)
11.RUN -Japanese Ver.-
12.FIRE -Japanese Ver.-
13.Save ME -Japanese Ver.-
14.EPILOGUE : Young Forever -Japanese Ver.-
<DVD >
-Music Video-
1.NO MORE DREAM -Japanese Ver.-
2.BOY IN LUV -Japanese Ver.-
3.Danger -Japanese Ver.-
5.I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
6.RUN -Japanese Ver.-
-Behind The Photo Shooting-


■ Special First Print Edition
(CD + DVD + Special Edition exclusive packaging)
[Product Number / Price] PCCA.04490/¥4,000 [tax included]

■ Normal Edition (CD only)
[Product Number / Price] PCCA.04491/¥2,500 [tax included]

■ Track List: Special First Print Edition, Normal Edition

2.We are bulletproof PT.2
5.Just One Day
7.War of Hormone
11.EPILOGUE : Young Forever
12.Burning Up (FIRE)
13.Save ME
14. Blood Sweat & Tears
-Music Video-
2. We are bulletproof PT.2
3. N.O
5. Just One Day
6. Danger
7. War of Hormone
10. RUN
11. EPILOGUE : Young Forever
12. Burning Up (FIRE)
13. Save ME
14. Blood Sweat & Tears

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good things about That Scene

- “I answer the door, completely naked” is a line that will go down in history

- “Do you want talk before… or after?” if that first line didn’t make every perc’ahlia shipper explode with glee then this line sure did

-Percy literally forgot what he was going to say. You know he came up there with a speech prepared and ready and everything planned out and it took Vex 0.2 seconds to derail it all

-Like you can count the instances of “Speechless Percy” on one hand it is a wonder to behold

- “We start with courage”

- if we get a TPK tonight at least Percy won’t die a virgin

Conspiracy Theorist Obi-Wan Kenobi

I’m not sorry for this. Please reference this amazingly constructed theory for the inspiration for this nonsense.

Quick note: HVNet = HoloVid Network, the Star Wars YouTube equivalent

His hindsight, Obi-Wan thinks, was not twenty-twenty in this instance, and he wishes he had thought ahead to the possible consequences of what seemed like an inconsequential action at the time. Mostly, he would do better in the future to remember how information, true or not, tends to spread like wildfire across the HoloNet.

Even Jedi Masters get bored.

At least, that is the excuse Obi-Wan will use if ever asked why he frequents the conspiracy theory forums that are scattered around the HoloNet.

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BURNT = “Can we turn our attentions back to survival now?”,
BURNING = “It’s a Winter’s Feast miracle.”,
CANDECORATE = “What a wretched thing.”,
YOUNG = “Have we nothing better to do with our time?”,
       WINTER_TREESTAND = “How repulsively festive.”,
       WINTER_ORNAMENT = “Gaudy, like the rest of this shindig.”,
       WINTER_ORNAMENTLIGHT = “How frivolous.”,

anonymous asked:

Love love love that lads post but I especially loved the phrase "Ramsey's brats" I was just wondering if you could elaborate on that a bit more, maybe on how each of them are "spoiled princes" in their own ways and how Geoff 'totally doesn't' pander to them and spoil them

i always consider that by the time they’re all in the FAHC and going places the Lads are, at the oldest, still in their early 20’s. Which honestly is super young in this world; considering the big bosses tend to be old blood, and of course the young crooks are around, pressing at the edges for more power, but it’s pretty unusual to be that young and actually have any. To already be in a crew with sway rather than just running about causing mayhem or trying to survive playing foot soldier for some big gang to prove your worth. Ramsey’s Lads, on the other hand, have everything. Have respect and power and the ear of the king of the city - far more influence than a pack of miscreant 20 year olds should have.

It’s not like they haven’t earned their places - for all Geoff loves his crew he isn’t charitable, hasn’t gotten where he is by taking in those who can’t give him anything in return – but the Lads have certainly gotten away with a lot more than they would have anywhere else. All that power that early on? The rampant rumours and licence to do near anything they can think of? It has to go to your head; your early 20s are turbulent enough without anyone thinking you’re a god. Thinking you’re a devil. Thinking you either a target or utterly untouchable, deadly threat or merely children playing with disaster.

For most guys their age a bit of temper means some minor scuffles or ruined relationships, a dramatic fight at work or an impressive display of road rage. When the Lads get pissed off they burn down buildings, destroy lives, smash their way through fortunes and race away in stolen super cars. They are ruinous, and Geoff, many would argue, is far too indulgent. Has been from the first Lad to the last, clear enough for all to see; enabling, encouraging, letting them go unpunished even after uncountable infractions.  

A blind man could see the way Ramsey folds for the Golden Boy; they’re always impeccably professional when they work the same meeting, the frontman and the kingpin dominating any they come up against, but on their own time there’s little Geoff wouldn’t do for Gavin. The first of his collection of streetrats, the youngest when he joined, the one Ramsey’s always been soft on, always treated like family. Generally speaking what Gavin wants Geoff inevitably gives, setting the example the rest of his crew bends to, all hopelessly endeared, all far too indulgent. They’ve let Gavin run wild, let him set his own rules, walk and talk and behave however he wants, with airs and graces that don’t belong to him, and look where that’s gotten everyone. Ramsey’s first little prince, the baby megalomaniac with sharp teeth and sharper eyes, collecting a veritable army of protectors he doesn’t even need, the one who has the whole world falling at his feet.

In any other gang Michael would be made to hold his tongue or risk losing it. He might not actually be as temperamental as they say but the boy certainly has a temper, and the kind of frank no-nonsense attitude that has him saying whatever he thinks no matter who he is talking to. It’s not that he’d incapable of tact so much as he doesn’t care for it, refuses to offer respect to anyone who hasn’t personally earned it and has no fear of causing offence. Geoff merely keeps him away from delicate negotiations and lets him loose on everyone else. More than one have called on Ramsey to discipline his dog, to which Geoff can only laugh. Laugh and invite Michael in to say his piece, leave the room as Michael cracks his knuckles, still chuckling as arrogant complaints turn terrified pleading. Michael is Ramsey’s ruthless prince, all sharp edges and brash defiance, the unbridled threat whose never learnt his place, the one who makes the whole world tremble.

Ray has perhaps the strangest expression of Geoff’s unusual tolerance for the Lad’s antics. Ray is, of course, a full member of the FAHC, of the inner crew, as integral and absolute as any of the rest of them, but he isn’t always actually with them. A crew member who is not always around and under Geoff’s command. He comes and goes whenever he needs to, never when he’s needed at home, when he’s got a role to play in some upcoming plan, but often with little if any notice. It’s a particularly bizarre thing for a crime lord to tolerate, to accept and allow and make no effort to punish or stamp out. Which says nothing of Ray’s other eccentricities; the strange vehicles and peculiar paint jobs, the irreverent drawl and inappropriate humour. Ray is Ramsey’s errant prince, distant and aloof and just out of sight, somehow always around when he’s really needed, the one who has the whole world in his sightlines.

Jeremy is a clear-cut example of sensible practicality dying at the hands of the FAHC. When he came to them he was inherently pragmatic; all the Lads were to some degree of course, had to be to survive the way they had, but even in their tensest moments Michael would still lose his temper, Ray would refuse aid to his own detriment, Gavin would take unjustified risk to go after something obscenely shiny. Jeremy was reasonable, down to earth, Jeremy made whatever sacrifices, mitigated whatever risk, planned and prepared and adjusted on the fly for the best chance of survival. He had flare, sure, but at the end of the day he would put aside personal preference for common sense. The FAHC ruined that. Dragged out all the loudest parts of him, the show-off, the pot stirrer, the wearer of utterly ridiculous clothing. One might think the Lads did it, and they certainly helped – latched on and pulled Jeremy into a hurricane of wicked grins and bad ideas, all arrogant confidence and military grade weaponry – but Geoff is hardly as innocent as he claims to be. Not when he kept pushing Jeremy to think bigger, dream higher, to come up with the most ridiculous plans then watch in astonishment as the FAHC made them happen. Ramsey’s newest prince, the one with kind eyes and dark ideas, who pushes all kinds of limits just to see if he can, the one who caught the whole world by surprise.

There are few who know of the FAHC who don’t also curse the existence of the Lads. Who aren’t full of complaints, call them too loud, too proud, too arrogant. Enraged by Ramsey’s glaring favouritism, by the flagrant absence of respect. It’s the crux of the whole matter really, respect. The way it’s expected, demanded. The way the Lads are more willing to die than give it on command. It’s the reason people say Ramsey’s ruined them, let their leashes grow too long, spoiled and self-important, raging egos and unbound impudence.

They’re not wrong, really. The Lads are wild things now, indomitable, untameable. They’d never settle for a harsher ruler, for normal crew hierarchy or forced deference, never let themselves be muzzled or brought to heel, but then isn’t that exactly what Geoff wanted? Isn’t that just what he planned? Vicious and untouchable and entirely his. Too headstrong, too reckless and often blinded by their insatiable destructive drive to chase entertainment, the bane of his life sometimes, but still incomparably loyal. The Lad’s who by all means should be incredibly selfish. Who by all accounts still are, so long as you understand that their sense of self now encompasses the closest members of their crew. The violent little princes who’d do anything for their king, do the utterly unthinkable without batting an eye, who tear into their own kingdom for amusement but will protect it from outsiders with unprecedented fury.

The Lads have been called many things, spoiled brats, violent delinquents, overconfident upstarts. Called ruined, called rotten, thought tolerated irritants, feral complications and dozens of other uninformed underestimations. Some accusations are more accurate; those who call them wicked, call them immoral, reckless, bloodthirsty and disturbingly possessive. The Lads are devious, are unapologetically ruthless and unexpectedly intelligent, they are in may ways older than their years while still immature in all the worst places. The Lads would tear the whole world apart for their crew, but the FAHC would do no less for them, utterly enamoured by the vicious little monsters. Ramsey’s brats, who have the biggest bads in the country wrapped around their little fingers and know it all to well, who’ve come from variations of absolutely nothing and have somehow stolen themselves a kingdom. Who have no intention of letting anyone or anything take it from them.


Saturn-IVB by NASA on The Commons
Saturn-IVB 204 launch stage unloaded from NASA Barge “Promise” after arrival at Cape Kennedy. Saturn-IVB will be the second stage of the Saturn I Launch Vehicle. Image #: S66-50152 Date: August 15, 1966