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Jade, Fitz, and Lone are really cute, who ever wants to hurt them are cruel

Ione: “Wow, like, totes rude! It’s IONE… not L for Loser!”

Jade: “Um.. I believe it was an honest mistake…”

Ione: “I don’t care! Like - that one change could tote ruin my perf image!”

Jade: “….okay well…I mean I guess you have fully corrected them?” (to herself: [goodness I cannot reason with her with that attitude she has…])

Ione: “Like, yeah I did!”

Regina’s LI:
- Blond hair;
- Thief;
- With a son;
- And a l(y)ion tattoo.

And don’t tell me that they’re not pairing Regina with male!Emma.

But…of course Emma is the saviour, Regina’s saviour, way better that Hood. And OutlawQueen doesn’t make any sense.

Dacă vrei să cunoști un lucru, privește-l de aproape. Dacă vrei să-ți placă un lucru, privește-l de departe.

Ion Luca Caragiale

(If you want to know something, look at it up close. If you want to like it, look at it from a distance.)