OK, what is the deal with so many plus sized models being like “wow, I made it to 7th place, this is further than all the other plus sized models!” or “wow, I made it abroad, I’m the first one to make it this far!”? How is ROBIN OF CYCLE 1 always forgotten? She got to 4th place, was a monster bully and a diva, forced Shannon to go on a date with a male model, was holier than everyone else, but then flashed Mr. Jay, and, most importantly, she sang at Ebony in the middle of an argument. There is nothing forgettable about her. How is she always forgotten?

Download the free @Instapray app and connect with Christians from around the world in prayer, love and support! It’s the #1 prayer app - free on iOS and Android! —> www.instapray.com

Download the free @Instapray app and connect with Christians from around the world in prayer, love and support! It’s the #1 prayer app - free on iOS and Android! —> www.instapray.com thanks to @jesustips

Week 2 of Women on Weights this week we used Body Bars. Set a type of circuit for this one. It was each station for 5 minutes. After 2 and 4 we did a lap around the track. We did all four stations once we finished by each station once with out stopping. This was my favorite class so far and harder then the first week and by the sweat it worked my ladies out as well! PS: squat press in #1 is actual front raises. #fitness #fitblr #workout #fit #weightloss #class #circuit #circuitclass #workout #fitnessinstructor



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i think bro mustve been as insecure as dirk. actually i think it's why he pushed dave to be so "cool" etc. theres option one of him putting himself under a lot of pressure to fit this model of hyper masculinity, & b/c thats the only way bro values himself, it also becomes the only way dave values himself. or option 2 of bro not wanting dave to feel as insecure as he felt as a kid, forcing him into a persona that wont embarrass him instead of teaching him to love himself b/c thats bro 4 u. :\

i think i’ve always headcanoned that him teaching dave all that was just his way of teaching dave to be strong and of making sure dave could take care of himself, plus partially subconscious projecting himself onto dave because he also thinks he himself is strong and so if he wants dave to be strong then dave needs to be like him. plus also just general arrogance and thinking he’s great and he wants dave to be great and in a way sees him like his personal project

but wow adding genuine insecurity to that (besides the “dave will die if i don’t toughen him up” thing) is osmething i never considered but yeah it’s totally likely he projected his own insecurities onto dave like that… god

OH also i remember some time after the quest crypt alpha convos where dirk said he’s always felt like you could destroy someone with effusive praise, revtomdildomolar (i think) said something like bro was probably always monologuing to mom lalonde about what a great and nice and amazing kid dave was but of course he never said any of that to dave. and. that’s another good one to think about

also i didnt mean that as an excuse for bros abusive parenting; i find it unforgivable. it’s just a reason.

yeah dw you’re fine <3


This is my last repost but this is the one that started it all for me. Loving these posts 🔥

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