l: series 3

The Tea Situation...

Ever since the infamous phrase “Are you just making one for yourself, sir?” it has been a common trope that Hardy is making tea for Ellie just the way she likes it. I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it in a story (mine included). And guess what folks? BAM! Right in the first episode Hardy is making tea. And apparently he is shit at it but Ellie still likes it (don’t tell Hardy though)… just shoot me now. Thanks Chibnall for yet again fulfilling all of our dreams… you can stop denying it now (also we can hook you up with all the fic you ever wanted to read and put on screen).

This scene tells us also something else… THEY HAVE A FRIGGIN SCHEME… meaning she sends him off to snoop around ‘cause he’s good at looking into who the victim is while she goes off to talk to the family which she is brilliant at. And they both get carried away with it… he forgets to make the tea and she gets too involved (Ellie accuses Hardy of snooping around before making tea “every time” and admonishes him like schoolboy that he forgot his part and Hardy yells at Ellie for giving out her number “every time” in his usual exasperated-with-life Hardy-style). They are a TEAM… partners in crime (oh god I didn’t just do this awful pun? yeah I did).

So, yes… the tea situation… we also know already he is bringing her tea or coffee later on (remember she scolded him for not letting her stop for tea when they first arrived at the crime scene). All ties together… I love Chibnall’s writing and his ability to link all these little scenes and moments within an episode, a whole season and the whole show. It’s brilliant.

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