l: new york city


Some pictures from my New York trip. No one will probably care, BUT I’M POSTING THEM ANYWAYS! Seeing the city outside of the plane window, I totally teared up. New York is my dream city, and I was finally there for the first time Nov 26- Dec 2nd. I think I started to annoy my friends because I drug them around too a ton of Gossip Girl filming locations. I flipped a table when I got to stand where Chuck and Blair got married. I didn’t even realize that’s where my friend Estee was taking us until I saw the stairs. We had so much fun though, I can’t wait to go back.

They won’t post in the order I want them, and no ones gonna read the rest of it soo I’m not fixing it lol

1) -Welcome!- I took this right outside the Brooklyn Bridge entrance. All the black squares and stuff at the bottom are different stickers people have put on there over the years. (:

2)-Night Life- I took this picture when we were on a boat that was going past the Statue of Liberty. It was so amazing. I was actually surprised it turned out this well.

3)-Grand Central- This is a funny story. We had completely forgotten about Grand Central, and when we were taking the subway home that was the next stop. So we hopped off and made our way into Grand Central Station. For someone like me who’s heart will always be in NYC, but it stuck in MKE, it was breath taking.

4)-The Met!- I made them sit on the steps of The Met with me and take a picture. I never have gotten a good picture with the boys until now, and I’ve known them for about 5 years now. Of course I was sitting on the top step above them, (;

5)-Times Square- People always talk about Times Square, and how amazing it is. It was cool to walk around, and I totally had to stop and take it all in. Going to New York had been my dream since I was a little girl, and to step into Time Square for the first time, walk down Broadway. I was ready to chain myself to a pole because I never wanted to leave.

6)-Time Square 2.0- Joe and Dylan made up this joke that whenever Joe took a picture he had to be shirtless, so he took a shirtless picture with Spiderman. It was so funny the guy in the costume was like “Woah very white man!” when he took his shirt off. We also walked all over Times Square asking NYPD cops if they would take a shirtless picture with him, and we finally found two that just lost it when we asked. One of them was like “Nahhh man nothings wrong with being shirtless in New York City!!! Unfortunately Dylan has that picture and I don’t.

7)-Central Park- The boys had a lot of fun running around through the park and finding different places for Joe to take a shirtless picture at. This was one of my favorites lol.

8)-The Boys- A picture I took when we were on the airport shuttle back to MKE, I really love this picture.

9)-Empire State- UGH. This building is beautiful. I loved walking down the street and looking up at it. It was amazing. I always think of Chuck Bass when I see it, maybe that’s why I love it so much. (:

10)-Empire Hotel- Okay. In full blown Gossip Girl mode. We were turning a corner and I looked up and saw this sign. You should have seen my face and the excitement that ran through my body. I couldn’t believe I was standing outside probably my favorite location of Gossip Girl, but hey. I have an unhealthy obsession with Chuck Bass(Ed Westwick) so. *Shrug* It was so amazing