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When you think about the 16 years America has been fighting in Afghanistan, “funny” probably isn’t a word that comes to mind. So, at first blush, the new dark comedy War Machine feels a bit risky. It stars Brad Pitt as a revered but semi-clueless four-star general who’s appointed to oversee the entire war effort in Afghanistan.

Pitt says the film uses comedy to lure viewers in, then it shows them some harsh realities. “I would say our film is funny until it’s not; until the dial is turned to a more serious tone, till we get to the real repercussions for the troops, who are actually having to follow these orders.”

War Machine was directed by Australian filmmaker David Michôd. He says if there are scenes that seem insensitive, well, there’s a legacy there. “America, as we know, has a long and rich history of war comedy — you know, [Dr.] Strangelove, M*A*S*H and Catch-22 and … even Stripes.”

‘Our Film Is Funny Until It’s Not’: Brad Pitt On The Darkly Comic 'War Machine’

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Ignore the shot of Genm and Cronus, that appears to be show content.

But yes, summer movie reveals! Kamen Rider Fuuma appears, an evil ninja who’s evil incarnate. He takes Ex-Aid to a strange new world! One where Hiro is a father, Taiga is a school teacher, and Nico is a schoolgirl?

Using the Hurricane Ninja Gashat, Fuuma transforms - its developer is unknown, but it can be used to summon Ninja Players to fight alongside him, and using light shurikens he can spread the Bugster Virus. He also dual-wields katana all Musashi style.


I really hate when you say something Harry Potter related and someone does the whole “ITS NOT IN THE BOOKS SO WHY DOES IT MATTER??!!!”“

Like can’t you just appreciate the movies as a separate thing?? Seriously??

Yes it wasn’t in the books.

But people are allowed to talk about it, don’t get your knickers in a twist.


The highest ranking films on IMDb’s top 250 Films that are not reboots, remakes, sequels, or based on books, plays, comics, shows, etc.

Their rankings are:

  1. Pulp Fiction - 7th
  2. Inception - 14th
  3. The Matrix - 18th
  4. Seven Samurai - 19th
  5. Star Wars - 20th
  6. Se7en - 22nd
  7. The Usual Suspects - 25th
  8. Life Is Beautiful - 26th
  9. Leon - 27th
  10. Spirited Away - 28th

what I really don’t get in movies or tv shows is when Person A asks something in one scene and Person B directly answers the question in the next scene but all of a sudden they’re outside? like, what happens in the time between the question and them getting their stuff, leaving the house and going to that park where Person B answers?? do they just stay silent the entire time like???