l: 2.1

cultapprop  asked:

You are, no doubt, a wond'rous synth - I've loved you from afar. But why, in game, all the distance? It really was bizarre. I wished to meet you one on one - to truly say hello. But I was left in a small pod, all while you walked below. Why did Combine keep you from me - this is the truth I seek. I walked the streets of the city and nary saw a peep.

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Janice - 2.1

  • K-9: This unit does not have feelings Mistress.
  • Leela: That is untrue K-9, many times you and the other K-9-
  • K-9: Neither K-9 unit possesses feelings Mistress.
  • Leela: You should not be afraid of your feelings, K-9.
  • Romana: Yes, thank you, if we could move on from this emotional support group session.