On the 24th, I went out with the NRGS CCF for a day at Ponteland range, to help develop the cadet’s feel for the rifle and give them experience prior to exercises. I personally couldn’t resist to join in, so I was generously provided with 2x 2/3rds full STANAGs.

We shot 5 rounds into the berm to allow the cadets to experience the recoil, 15 rounds into the Figure 11 target to get warmed up (emptying the first mag). Next we shot 4x 5 round groupings from 200 and 300m. My personal best for the day was a 100mm group from 300m, with my all time personal best being a 70mm group from 300m. 

Then stripped it for basic cleaning before being reassembled, back at their mess.

Great day out with some fantastic cadets, amongst the best in the country.