“we can find a way out of this… if i wasn’t so useless.”

none of this is your fault.

thinkin about that dance au yo

klance comes first because im Garbage but lance is the douchey hip hop dancer with legs like 4 miles long……snapbacks and big tank tops

keith the elegant and explosive ballet dancer with the tightest ass and those sculpted calves (yeah) and those bulging quads and the perfect bod and oh my god take your pants off in those TIGHTS

and here comes some bullshit plot device like a style mashup contest and lance slides in like uM HELLO yes

keith agrees but only because he’ll get to touch those armS

at first theyre like this yknow putting each other in dumb outfits and arguing about music and being doofuses and subtly gay (please imagine lance in tights and keith in dumb baggy pants thank you)

eventually they get here (the dancer is amazing btw but focus on the music, also its called “vs.” how perfect) in some sort of weird harmony, lots of lifts and trust, both of them getting to do what they do best but mixed with something else

also at the end of the song they end up weirdly close and are just kinda like shit uh until the audience starts applauding