I have always wanted a first generation Camaro since highschool. What kid didn’t? They were cheap, parts were cheaper and they were fast. Everything a parent did and didn’t want all rolled into one. Needless to say, I never got a Camaro in highschool, despite them being $8000 at the time for a MINT one. My father told me that one day we would go to the Palmdale Swapmeet to look at a first car for me. I didn’t sleep at all that night. We went out to Palmdale, and to both my father and my own regret even more, it was the wrong day. It was open track 8th mile day. I had a good day with my father, but I ended up with my sisters old truck which was fun and I was thankful nevertheless. I modified it however I could and I had the car bug BAD. First thing was taking off the “4x4bitch” License plate.

When I finally had enough money in savings where I felt comfortable to afford a first generation Camaro I took the chance and made the jump. I found her in Orange County owned by a gentleman named “Fast Dave” who owned 2 993 Porsche’s as well. I loved the ugly all original Olympic gold Paint that had patina. Loved the slammed Nascar look it had, and most importantly, the muncie rockcrusher whine and the rumbling big block. He had mechanically restored the car with his son in their garage and his son was not interested in it as he had built his own. It was a z28 car missing the original 302, but I later found out it had the rare L78 396ci 375hp motor and a Muncie M22 Rockcrusher. I loved that Muncie whine! I then found out through the internet that I had a rare motor on my hands that Chevelle guys would LOVE to have. It was running well as well. It sold for $6600 on ebay. The motor was fast enough to be fun. Until the Day I dyno’d it.

That was when it all started…..

i was making good money at the time, and had plans for this car.  I’ve owned the car 6 years now and it has transformed into a much more different beast than the day I got it. And so begins the tale of the Golden Coffin….


Much more to come later.


ATTENTION: L78 Gaia is one of the two orcas missing from the Resident community. If you have any recent orca photos please check them! You can check photos by matching “Saddle patches." 
A saddle patch is the marking along the bottom of the dorsal fin, that seems almost grey in color. Usually two different markings on each side.

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Both Raggedy K40, a female born in 1963 and Gaia L78, a male born in 1989 have gone missing within the last two months. If these two have indeed passed away we will have lost six orcas from the southern Resident population this year. Let’s all hope they will show up again very soon. Photo of Raggedy on the left by Melisa Pinnow. Photographer of Gaia breaching unknown.

(via Remembering The SRKWs Who Have Passed On)


The 1969 with the L78 396/375hp getting dyno’d. I was very disappointed with the dyno results, and once I found out the motor was worth money to restoration guys?? 

That motor didn’t stand a chance! I had it yanked within a week sitting on the floor and on ebay!

For the record the numbers were 310whp or so I’d have to look. I was disappointed but the car was still fast.


Adios 396!

More to come about my loud baby.