Yesterday I went to Melbourne CBD with my friend Mady. I dressed up as Zelda from episode 2 of Squaresville and hid bookmarks in:

The State Library (which is absolutely beautiful by the way) on a chair in a reading room and in a book about adolescents.

In Dymocks (a bookshop) in Looking For Alaska by John Green (I forgot to take a picture on it and when I went back to do so the book had already been taken YAY A NEW SQUARE! is that what we’re called? Anyway…)

And on the train on the way home. I hope people find them and check out Squaresville , it’s a brilliant webseries and I had tons of fun sneaking around finding places for bookmarks, I mean, what other fandom gets to do that? (Also, sorry if some of the pictures are upside-down… hehe iPod pictures…)

On today (Aug. 30) in 1992 Nirvana play at the Reading Festival in Reading, United Kingdom. Kurt had organized the bill for the day, refusing to play if the bands he wanted on were excluded. Nirvana headline after much speculation that they either wouldn’t show or wouldn’t play. Kurt comes onto the stage in a wheelchair and surgical smock, mocking the rumors about his ill-health.