Some shots from my last trip to The Twelfth Fret, one of Toronto’s best used and vintage guitar shops:

  1. There’s a lot in this photo, but let me draw your attention to the 1952 Les Paul gold top on the right.
  2. 1972 Gibson ES-345
  3. A couple of pretty lefty Les Pauls.  At left is a rare and pretty 1970s Gibson L5S
  4. 1968 Fender Telecaster (right) and a 1961-ish Stratocaster behind it.
  5. 1961-ish Stratocaster - note the sunburst doesn’t have much yellow in the area above the pick guard

Cold Harbor In Extremis Forces Assaulter TL Carbine. Fully loaded.

Left to right:
Knight’s Armament Company 556 QDC Suppressor + Flash Hider
Knights Armament 99051 Front Sight
SureFire, LLC M300V Mini Scout Light Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail KeyMod Mount
Steiner e-Optics DBAL A3
Bravo Company USA KMR-10 Handguard
BCM 12.5" Barrel
BCM Vertical Grip Short - KeyMod
BCM QD KeyMod Attachment Point
Schmidt & Bender Short Dot 1-8 on a LaRue Tactical LT135 Mount
BCM upper/lower receiver
Lancer Systems L5 Magazine
Geissele Automatics, LLC Super Semi-Automatic Trigger
BCM Mod 3 Grip
Knights 2-600 Meter Rear Sight
BCM QD Receiver End Plate

Multicam Black Parts by Joint Force Enterprises


Some of the more interesting (and therefore too expensive to afford!) bits from my last trip to The Twelfth Fret in Toronto:

  1. Early Les Paul Gold Top.  And by “early” I mean 1952.  And by “1952” I mean “the very first year that Gibson made Les Pauls”!
  2. The Royal York Hotel, Toronto.  This used to be the tallest building in the city.
  3. A 1970s (I believe) LPC
  4. Here is something fascinating.  It’s a mid 70s Gibson L5S in incredible condition…in fact at first I thought it was a new guitar.  I have never seen one before and it was super fancy.  It had a super fancy price tag too…  ;)
  5. See what I mean??

Dottore, è da circa un mese che lamento una fastidiosa sciatalgia, abbastanza persistente, ma non dolorosissima. Il dolore è comparso a seguito di uno sforzo abbastanza intenso - zona bicipite femorale, polpaccio gamba sx (pratico ciclismo, ho 42). Per il momento continuo ad allenarmi, senza esagerare, ho cambiato leggermente la posizione in bici e il dolore per ora è diminuito di molto. Dovrò fare sicuramente esami specifici ma volevo chiederle due cose. La sciatalgia è sempre associata a un'ernia discale? Posso aiutare la mia schiena con un esercizi addominali e lombari?


Nei ciclisti è molto frequente la Sindrome del Piriforme, una neuroaprassia (compressione di un nervo) a opera del sellino e di posture scorrette: a tutti gli effetti si manifesta come una sciatalgia ma invece di esserci una radicolite di L5-S1, l’irritazione del nervo avviene più in basso, a livello della natica.

Puoi fare esercizi di rinforzo dorso-lombare ma dopo che hai fatto RX o risonanza magnetica, giusto per scongiurare la presenza di un ernia che potrebbe riacutizzarsi per lo sforzo.

Non sono esperto di ciclismo (vero, iceageiscoming e masuoka?) ma dovresti procurarti un sellino con cuscinetti in silicone o pantaloni imbottiti per evitare la sollecitazione della natica.

My puggies are wearing their socks. Looks like Max is hiding from the camera behind Mia. #Pug #Adourable #PugFace #Puglife #Pugs #puglove #pugsofinstagram #PuppyEyes #ProudPugMom #dogs #Cute #Mia #Max #pugpuppy #pugpuppies #ProudPugOwner #Pugsocks #cuteanimals #cutepugs #dialypug #obssedwithpugs #pugsnotdrugs by chantelle_l5 http://ift.tt/1Kqjw1U

Arrivata la risposta: cos'è un bulging?

In questo caso una leggera protrusione del disco intervertebrale (sano) che comunque non impronta il sacco durale (che contiene il midollo spinale). Tecnicamente il bulging discale ci dice che i soma vertebrali (in questo caso della quinta lombare e la prima sacrale) stanno schiacciando o ‘pizzicando’ con i bordi posteriori l’anello fibroso del disco e che nel lungo periodo potrebbero consumarlo e si potrebbe formare un’ernia, con fuoriuscita del nucleo polposo che potrebbe comprimere le radice del nervo sciatico (se laterale) o il sacco durale (se mediana).

Comunque, sfido chiunque a non avere un modesto bulging discale: tutto il peso del corpo grava su L5-S1 (non per niente L5 è la vertebra più grossa e larga di tutte) e la sedentarietà unita ad un’ipotonia della muscolatura addominale e paravertebrale sono quasi (purtroppo) la norma.

Joni ♢ 24 ♢ Human ♢ Zoe KravitzTAKEN

S7              P5              E6              C5              I5              A7              L5

- - - - -


Joni was born in Bitter Springs, to her Mother; Linda, and Father; Jerry. Her childhood was like any others, learning to fight and produce small-time chems. She learned most of her combat skills from her Father, her favoured weapon being a beaten up chainsaw he helped put together.

Apart from traveling just to the outside of the settlement, she never left the comfort of Bitter Springs and knew nothing about it other than the stories the elders had told her. Giant lizards with knife-like claws, giant poisonous bugs whose wings shimmer like the sunset. These stories terrified her, she decided she never wanted to leave and have the chance to encounter those beasts.

In her early teens, she decided to identify as a trans woman, and her tribe tried their best to understand and came to accept her choice.

When she came of adulthood, she underwent the traditional ritual by being severely beaten in a rite of passage. Afterwards she was to choose her own name, she chose the name Joni. Only a few years after, the NCR hit Bitter Springs. Her father stayed back to fend the troopers off while she and her mother escaped, he left them with an empty promise that he would see them again. Joni and her mother barely escaped, she had been snagged with a few stray bullets, with one digging into her calf which healed, but left a scar.

After traveling the road for what seemed like years, her tribe had found somewhere they could call home; Red Rock Canyon. This is where Joni and her mother reside today.

Additional Info:

  • Her moral alignment is: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Joni is a transwoman, and she is also pansexual.
  • She still wears the remnants of the bullet from her calf on a small metal chain around her neck.
  • Joni is suffering from PTSD as a result of the trauma she’s faced throughout her life.
  • Before undergoing the Rite of Passage to join the Great Khans, Joni’s name was Aubry Davis.

- - - - -


Great Khans

Tag Skills:

Melee Weapons, Survival, Unarmed


Khan Trick

futurefancyrn asked:

Hi DR, in your experience w/ training others, how do you think I'd fare riding a bike with a bulging disc at my L5-S1? Usually it doesn't give me much grief, but i'm worried my posture on bike will exacerbate the back pain. Or should I just go ahead and hop on a bike, see what happens? Thank you:)

do some more homework.

ride up and down the street and then see how you pull up.

you will have to learn your own limits

Finally got to #workout. First time in five months - since the #caraccident back in March. My #l5 has been giving me some serious pain that even #physio and #sportsmassage can’t seem to heal. Decided that I needed to start back and see if I can’t lose some weight and built up the muscles to be in less pain. The #stationarybike felt amazing. #exercise #weights #circuittraining #fitforless #ottawa #givemebackmybody #painmanagement #transman #transman #transgender #f2m #ftm #femaletomale #femaletomaletransgender #hashtagsfordays http://ift.tt/1Idgspp


✳︎CANON FL 135mm F3.5✳︎



Vulpes Inculta ♢ 27 ♢ Human ♢ Drew Roy ♢ TAKEN

S6              P6              E5              C6              I7              A5              L5

- - - - -


Vulpes Inculta is a myth to those outside of the Legion and the NCR. He’s a monster, a story parents tell their children to keep them from wandering off into unknown territories. As far as they are aware he does not actually exist, he’s a rumor, a horror story from the Legion, someone that evil can’t possibly be real. Right?

In a way they are correct. As far as anyone outside of the Legion or the NCR is concerned Vulpes Inculta is simply known as Mr. Fox, a man who blends in seamlessly with those around him. Young, intelligent, and rather intense he is a normal sight within most towns and settlements in the Mojave now, arriving and disappearing without much of a warning. If you were to see him out on the road, in a saloon, or on the strip somewhere you would never know that he is one of the most feared men not only in the Legion, but in the Mojave. He didn’t start out that way though, in fact Vulpes didn’t even start out in the Legion, or with the names Vulpes. Like many others when he was only a child his Tribe was taken over by the Legion and he was put into training to become a soldier.

He was very good at it too there was no doubt, but he wasn’t just good at it, he seemed to take a particular enjoyment from it that not all men seemed to have. You know what they say if you do something you enjoy you’ll never work a day in your life and perhaps that is why Vulpes climbed in his ranks particular fast, especially for someone who was clearly not as brutish as the typical Legion soldier. Frontal assults were never much his thing, and it was something that got him into trouble after he ignored an order from his Centurion and lead his party through a hole in the defenses of a tribe, capturing its Cheiftain. His Centurion demanded that he was lashed to a cross for disobedience, instead Caesar was very impressed with Vulpes’ tactics and made him head of the Frumentarii.

Frumentarii are the intelligence officers of The Legion, they are Caesar’s eyes and ears, and know nearly everything there is to know about what is going on in the Wasteland. They are often tasked with infiltrating enemy society, but they are the ones who carry out the atrocities most have heard, and cringe to think about. Most noteworthy at this time is the weakening of the NCR’s defenses at Camp Searchlight after Vulpes and his men released the contents of a number of radioactive waste containers causing the whole area to become irradiated. This allowed The Legion to establish its first foothold across the Colorado River at Cottonwood Cove.

Though his successes outweigh his failures immensely, Vulpes has never been the type of man to congratulate himself for long, or at all. There is always more work to be done for a man like him. Vulpes Inculta has quite the reputation to live up to after all.

Additional Info:

  • His moral alignment is: Lawful Infamous.
  • He is the fourth most powerful man in The Legion.
  • His preferred weapon is a Ripper, though he is very good with guns, and fares ok with unarmed combat if need be.
  • Vulpes is very loyal to Caesar, and he does not like the Legate Lanius at all (though he wouldn’t openly say that). If Caesar were to meet his end, as he is sure he will eventually, Vulpes would hate to betray the Legion but he believes Lanius being in charge would bring about it’s destruction, and has already made plans on a number of ways to take him out if need be. Afterwards, though he believes Lucius would be a suitable leader he would prefer to be in charge with Lucius as his head Praetorian. – And yes, despite is loyalty to Caesar he has thought much about this. If being a Frumentarii has taught him anything it’s how to be prepared.

- - - - -


Caesar’s Legion

Tag Skills:

Melee Weapons, Science, Guns 


Night Person
Rapid Reload

Chill OFF 3
  • Chill OFF 3
  • Silence

Silence - Chill OFF 3


01.  Arms And Sleepers - Kino (Airport Mix) 3:43
02.  Eu - Gerpient 2:12
03.  Boards Of Canada - Ataronchronon 0:41
04.  Obfusc - Windchimes 1:18
05.  Seaworthy And Taylor Deupree - February 22, 2013 2:33
06.  Mooncake - L5 0:36
07.  Nemesis - Last Footprints 1:29
08.  Kilowatts - Tank Park (Dpps Convoluted Mix) 3:31
09.  Alien Mutation - Water 7:16
10.  Irina Mikhailova - Zahodila Luna 6:06
11.  Coyote - Time 1:10
12.  The Extrema Project - Sandworld 1:45
13.  Lemonchill - Femina 3:08
14.  Lemonchill - Safe Passage (Intro) 1:25
15.  Tosca - Chocolate Elvis (Au Version) 1:08
16.  Yosebu - Last Contact 1:42
17.  Elve - Mozaic Rain 1:24
18.  Asc - Silver Rain On Venus 4:28
19.  Fous De La Mer - Vue Sous La Mer 2:29
20.  Talbot + Deru - Genus Part 1 5:30
21.  Eluvium - After Nature 1:34
22.  Flaque - Plancton 1:32
23.  Emanuele Errante - Ros 3:34
24.  Ishq - Summerland 2:41
25.  Rudy Adrian - Disturbed Reflections 2:07
26.  Flying Lotus - Silence 0:04
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