Opinion time!

I mentioned earlier I’m adding Left 4 Dead to the fandom list, and in that post I mentioned something about an old fic. I want to get some of your opinions, and whether you’d want to read it or not.

General plot: A girl, who has become infected, has to get across the state before she dies, to tell her family her final goodbyes. Along the way, she meets unexpected allies, enemies, and perhaps even…a babysitter.

What the fic would have: a female protag who’s headstrong, passive aggressive, and probably too sarcastic for her own good. Two zombie companions who decide to help her before she kicks the bucket. Crude humor. Angst. Fluff? Romantic sub-plot? Who knows!

Please like or reblog this post if you would be interested in reading this fic. Keep in mind this is NOT a reader insert, and is instead featuring an OC of mine.


Winter Sale! 12/23/16

(A few things I’m with family with the whole time this sale is going on so I won’t be able to show off what is highlighted everyday. Also the winners of the last to giveaways will get there games it may just take a bit. Have a great winter Sale and happy holidays!)