• L490
  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • This Is War

The tattoo of a Morse code for L490.

L = . - . .

4 = … . -

9 = - - - - .

0 = - - - - -

Jared Leto wrote a song called “End of all days” in February 2011, when he was seriously ill.

After the movie in 2007 “Chapter 27” Jared ill gout.

Tormented him constant pain at night. So he drinks tablets Naproxen, otherwise L490.

Shannon is so unique it hurt to look at it,that feeling of despair, from the torment,

himself wrote the song with the original name Equinox, which means equinox. At the beginning of the song sounds a droning sound

coming from a bowl, which is also called L490. In the end of the song is the voice of monks (prayer).

“How many years I share the pain younger brother, how much time I suffer with him.

Know we will win, renew as two of the Phoenix from the ashes, we will be happy and healthy. Just have patience”.