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Hi! This is my first time asking you something! I am slightly new to lolita and I want to do it well! Haha. But so I bought bodylines L358 a while ago before I found your helpful tips blog. And now I'm just a little worried it's too unique of a dress and everyone will know it's a bodyline dress, and I don't want to be frowned upon. I just thought it was super cute! Or am I just overthinking it?

I think you’re totally overthinking it. There are plenty of dresses that everyone knows are from Bodyline but most people don’t care. As long as the dress is good quality (which that one does appear to be), is Lolita (which that one is), and is coordinated well, most Lolitas aren’t going to care whether you’re wearing Bodyline or not.

Letter #358:

Dear Superman,

I know we’ve parted for a year now and I can’t really say na we broke up kasi hindi naman talaga tayo naging official. But oh, how I loved you. Minsan, na gi-guilty ako dahil hindi ako sumagot ng ‘Oo’. Pero sana naman you respected my decision because I didn’t want a boyfriend that time, I just wanted you by my side. Di ko alam kung bakit bigla ka nalang nawala. But all I’m saying is, “If I tell you 'I miss you’, would you come back?” Your “bestfriend”

, Gawens.

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Okay! ^^ Well, I actually like L422 , L255 (dress) ,L358 & L400 But I'm very unsure about the Quality from L400. :s

You’re the anon wanting a dress for school right? I like 255 the best. The print would be easy to coordinate because you can find cherry, ribbon, and heart things everywhere, and you wouldn’t have to worry about buying a blouse for it so you would be saving money that you can spend elsewhere in the coord.
358 would be my second choice because I think it would be easy to wear in and out of Lolita. Polkadots are pretty versatile so you could wear it out of Lolita and then build a coord around it when you’re ready to dive full on into Lolita.