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Oh my god I just realised something really dumb. So, you know how in the Citadel DLC Wrex boasts how he's "bringing the boom"? The shotgun he's seen with in most cutscenes in the M-300 Claymore, and when the gun is facing the right at least, the numbers are formatted as 300-M. l300-M. B00-M. BOOM. He's literally bringing the boom.

If there ever is going to be a “Fun facts about Urdnot Wrex” book this should be in there

What I love about heading to festivals is seeing and swapping stories with the other campers. In contrast to camping at national parks where people typically solve problems by throwing money at it, at festivals you tend to see a lot more rugged, cost effective, ingenious solutions to problems. This was another vehicle full of character that I found this weekend just past. You can tell this L300 4x4 has seen it’s fair share of adventure over the years!

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I want to get my very first lolita dress from Bodyline for Christmas and I'm narrowed down to the Yukata L300 and the jumperskirt L313. Which do you think I should get? I plan on wearing it to cons and if I'm lucky a meetup once I get connected.

I’m a little biased because I’m not a big fan of Wa Lolita so I like the JSK better. Compared to some of their other Wa Lolita dresses though that’s definitely one of the better ones in terms of quality and overall cuteness. I still think the JSK is a better option though because there will be more ways to wear it (long sleeved blouse, short sleeved blouse, cardigans, boleros) while you’re pretty set with how to wear the other one (blouses are useless for it and there’s no way you’re fitting a cardigan or bolero over those sleeves.)