Hey! For the people who have been on YouTube since 2007 - I would like you to remember one of my friends here. We were on MighTMenFTM together WAYYYY back in the day (I can’t believe its been THAT long!) and he has recently returned to YouTube after having such a bad couple of years (getting kicked out and such!). But now he’s back, he’s one of my best friends, makes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G videos (some trans, some not) and he is just such an awesome person overall!

His username back in the day was “LiveLifeUnrated”! Here is his new one, please subscribe to him! It’ll mean so much to him to see people remember or just care that he is back from a hellish couple of years!

Here is his new channel! L1V3LifeUnrated

Thanks in advance!