l120 a

This is an appreciation post for L120, the first baby of the 2015 Southern Resident baby boom. You’ll be forever missed sweet one, can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years.

Photo credit to Carrie Sapp

In Memory

The Southern Residents that were lost this year. Top-Bottom: L120, L100 Indigo, J32 Rhapsody, Rhapsody’s unborn calf, and L53 Lulu


The top four look okay but I really butchered the anatomy on Lulu! This is why I rarely draw without pose references.

SIP darlings, I hope your deaths can inspire change in humans, so that your population can recover. 

Sorry about the scanner blindspot

“Nobody Can Win”

“Until you figure out

A way that you can live without
Stories with happy ends

Everyone I know is trying to get by
Fighting all the half-true lies
Nobody can win” x

Surprise with her late calf L120. I’m sorry you weren’t long for this world little one.

I guess this was kind of vent art? I’ve been pretty depressed lately but no need for me to get into my personal life. I hope you like the piece, I will likely sell it in my etsy shop once it is made in the new year. RIP L120, you filled me up with so much hope, and now all I can hope is that the Southern Residents have a new calf by this time last year. 

//and I totally suggest giving the song I linked a listen, I love love LOVE Garbage

The Orca Network Facebook page posted this photo featuring L120, the new Southern Resident baby orca! I’m so happy there’s a new baby, it’s the first new baby in two years! PARTY AT MY PLACE