Angel Correa:  “YOU and this TEAM deserved it more than anyone.

Eduardo Toto Salvio: 

Frederico Vietto:“Don’t leave us Leo, the new generation needs you” 

Rodrigo de Paul: “Don’t lower your head D10S, your crown would fall👑. Thank you so much for making us forget our problems for a little while”

Leandro Romagnoli: “I hope it was something said in the heat of the moment. Myself, like many others, want to continue enjoying you with the 10 of Argentina”

Rodrigo Contreras: “You will always be the best Come on messi in the toughest times we are with you even more”

Joni Castellanos: “Think about it L10NEL”

“Yes, that day has come,he became tired. THE BEST IN THE WORLD SAID ENOUGH, I’m going to miss you Lionel, I hope you think about it because you football” 

Tomi Cardona: “You will continue to be the best L10!!!!!”

Leo Buter: “Don’t lower you head KING, or your crown would fall off”

Robertino Insua: “You will always be the best if them all! Forgive them fools!”

Martin Perez Guedes: “Thank you so much Argentina and Messi, good things will come”

Maxi Rolon: “Always with you D10S.. THE BEST IN THE WORLD”

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Hi everyone!! It’s almost New Year so it’s time for my first Follow Forever! I joined Tumblr this summer but I already found lots of great blogs and even better, lots of great friends! 

I want to wish you all a happy new year and happy holidays! Enjoy your winter break and have fun! 

Here are the blogs from A to Z. The bolded ones are the special ones. But I love you all!!


aaron-ramseyss aguerosergiokun alex-is-sanchez alex-oxlade-chamberlain-fanalexis17sanchez alexisasanchez alexisnchz alexissnchez all-socceralsexsanchez  anjo-x-dourado anniareyouokay anotherbarcafan arjenrobbensars-fc arsenal-gooner arsenal-gunners arsenal-love-but-hate arseneswengersbaernat barca-blaugrana barca-forever  barca-penguins barca-persemprebarca-squad barcacule barcamarc barcelonafc bartra-marc bartrapocalypsebbbarcelona being-cule bellerinhectors blaugr4na blaugrana-heart blaugranabee  blaugranasstuff blaugrans bornandbredinwhiteandredbrasilene brazilfutebol brazilianz brazilnt-daily brazilnts buscadoradevida calumchambers21 campnou-s campnouforever canarinhobrasil catalaanscescfabregras cescfabregs chilents christmastiano con-te culepersempredailyarsenal dailypicsforyou danialvesunnieswag debushit disneyprincerakiticdxvid-luiz


emmabarca emotionsoffootball fc-barcelona-fans fc-bootylona fcb-alexissanchez fcb-arcelona fcbarcelonadaily fcbarcelonafutbol fcbarxcelonafcbpicz fernando-torres-sanz festivesanchez footballismahlifefootballphotosaroundtheworld forcabarcafc freepalestineforever-17 fuck-yeah-fcb fuckyeaharsenal garethgotze gerardeulofeus gerrardlfc gerrarddsgiroudmania glitzglamfootball griziii gunnerholic gunnersatheart gunnerupdatesholaleomessi


iamacoolbarbie ifernandotorres iker-claus infootballwetrust iniessii isoccerfanaticitsneymessi itswilsherepants j-aviermascherano jackvvilshere javimartinesjollyassneymar kcscb keep-up-with-the-reds khaleesi-of-football king-thiagokingmessi1068 kyapii l10nel-messi la-pulgaa leomessiforever leomessitoleosmessi lewandashinginthesnowski littlecule losalbicelestes luis-enriqueslxvsenal


magic-of-soccer marxbartra merrychambo merrycrismessi merrydurmmertes4cker mes-que-un-club mesqueunvida messiomg milanpique miss-gunner99 mmdelissh muller-gaudino mylifeneymar10 mylovelybarcamylovethiago naeymarjr ney-is-bae neybells neymar-slays neymarchristneymarisfestive neymarjrswife neymars-taco neymarsdsilvaneymarsitos neymartra neymaruai ntbrasil ohbrazilnt ohcarlesmycarlesohclaudiomyclaudio ohshititsbarca okaycesc omgneyscar oronaldooscarembxaba oxlades ozilexis papi-luiz photosarsenal piqueque podollskipoldi9 pppper princeisco 


rafinha-alcantara12 rakitich rebbosanchezproudcule reusxx rudolfinhasaberiniesta8 samperisme sanchezalexis17 sanchezisagunner sanchzalexissanta-klose santaguero santicazorla saraalexissanchez schweinstegerssereusly sergissamper siempre-blaugrana silvasmas skaggerpowaaasoccerplayerimagines somiserem-indivisible stayforeverbarca t-henrysteambarca teamcristiano ter-stegens tereozil the-vip-football-collectionthecaptainfabregas thecatalans thefrenchgunners thhiagomessi thiagoslivatinsel-thiago totallyfootball uefas ultimately-crismes 


vamos-barcelona vamosbaarca vamosblaugrana vamostitimessiviscaelbarcaforever viscaelbarcaa viscarafinha warriorblaugrana we-heart-barcawojshere xarsenalforeverx xavidodgers xavihernandes yeahbarca zia-adira

So this was it, my first follow forever :)

I love you all!!

Sorry if I forgot anyone!! And sorry for spamming

hi there! i have done one follow forever not so long ago but i have found some great blogs since then and that’s why i decided to do it once more! and i have just reached a number of followers i never thought i’d get! all of the blogs listed here are beyond amazing and the people behind those blogs are just as great! i may not have talked to many of you but i love your blogs and i really enjoy your presence on my dash! special thanks go to people who have managed to put up with me for more than 2 hours in real life, i love all of you and i hope to meet you again! the bolded ones are very special to me, both blogs and the owners. i really hope i didn’t forget anyone and if i did i am extremely sorry! the rest of the blogs i follow and really like can be found in my blogroll. thank you guys for being here, i love you all so much (✿◠‿◠)


andreschuerrle, antrea, anwarse, awesomebromancebabyyouaremysavinggracebruchteil-einer-sekundebvbbeetchesbvbkirschecaptainsarmbandchelseadortmud,coherencescyllaethdankebvb, diversis221draxlrsdreambigandshine


echteliebe-borussia09erikdurmie, erimdurkfashemoifc-bootylona, fca-fangirl, footballiseverywhere, germanynt, gintered, hey-key, hiap-iyhulkmels, immerbvb, jaamiedornan, jakubolukasz, jarelieejustlikeamiraclejusttryingtoliveproperly


katecelina, kommstduabendsbesoffennachhaus, krychowiak, l10nel-messi, lebens-froh, lenareuslockmypastinthebasementloveskehlilovelyborussia, lunatheoraclemanuelnewer, marckoreus, marcoosreus, marcoreuxmatshummelzmatze-gintermeinlebendirvermachtmina-bvb09, mrs-reus-1909


ocean-x-atlanticoligiroudspaulalovesbvbpiszczykowska, plszczek, polishfootballplayers, polonia-dortmund-bvb, regenbogentraum, reummelsschm-b-usenschoenheitderchanceschwarzgelbeliebe, schwarzgelbetraeumesophia-louisaspookybvbstopitramseystrobelallee50thorgan10tinyvillaintorrelito


unsere-jungsunserefarbenschwarzundgelbunserganzeslebenwandering-but-not-lost-foreverwinning-is-our-aimwirliebendeinefarbenwunderborusse,  yes-09



Argentina U17 sparring squad meet Messi

Federico Vietto: I surrender at your feet maestro! Thank you for being my Idol and Argentine. 👆🙌

Luisito Olivera: It’s a beautiful thing what you give to football .. Thanks for being Argentine maestro! You’re out of this World!

Pablo Ruiz:  It’s not the best, but I’m with you genius. There’s nothing more beautiful than to watch your football. Thanks for being Argentine 🙏🔵⚪️🔵

Tomás Conechny: I will not describe you as you are from another planet and an incredible footballer. I love you ⚽️⚽️

Franco Ramos: How nice to be Argentine, Leo you’re huge !!!

Matías Roskopf: With one from another planet, the great Lio

Julián Chicco: With the best player in the world, thank you for being Argentine L10NEL 👏👍

Federico Bonansea: There will never be another like you, I am at your feet L10 👏

Tuta Cejas: A unique experience, happy to be next to the world’s best player 🔵⚪️🔵

Hi guys. I’ve recently reached 1.5k followers. That’s why I decided to make this follow forever, I was meant to make one after reaching 1k followers tho *woops*.

I wanted to thank you for putting up with my blog and with my shit. I also wanted to honour my tumblr friends and amazing blogs that literally brighten up my dash with their fab posts, I love you all.

P.S. I’m really forgetful so I’ve probably missed some poeple, please don’t get mad at me.

bolded blogs are my special snowflakes (✿◠‿◠)

a-d (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

aaron-ramseyss, aaronjramsey, aaronramsassy, abitlikelove, addictedtoliverpool, agger-daniel, aggerdododo, aggerr, aggerrs, aggerswagger, allhailstevengerrard, alonsos, alvarovazquez, anfeels, anfield-road, antoniovivaldis, apachetevez, arjenrobbens, arseneswengers, barca-penguins, barcamarc, barcastic, barethgale, bartra-marc, bartramarcs, being-cule, bemycescky, blaugr4na, blaugrans, blindsdaley, bokrkic, borini, brendnarodgers, brosnia, butraguenos, bvbbeetches, c-ptainfantastic, calumchambrs, campnou-s, campnouforever, capitanfantastic, captaingerrards, captainsarmband, carljenkinsun, carrabearr, catalaans, cescfabregas, cescky, cescys, claudiobravos, claudiohh, coutinbro, cruyffs-turns, cuteinhos, d-daviddegea, d-villas, dahveed-silvaa, dancefairies, danielstudges, daniscarvajals, darrenfletcher, davbeccks, deathima, decimavez, derppique, djhoodrich, dortmunds, dortmundz, draxl3rs, draxlrs

e-h (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

echteliebe-juve, elkunagueros, elreus, emmabarca, erikdurm-s, erlkdurm, fandom-fc, fcb-s, fcbarcaleo, fcbarceloan, fcbarcelxna, fcbarxcelona, fifaworldwar, football-s, footolski, fuckneuer, fyeahmessi, garthbales, gctze, gemma-bonner, gerardeulofeus, gerrardds, gerrardly, ggerrardd, giacamo, @gibbo, giiroud, girlscouse, gloryutd, gnabrys, goldenboyneymar, gon-zalos, gotzinhos, headsupgirl, hendoshairgel, hummxlz,

i-l (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ianrushs, ibrohimovic, iniessii, iniestas-fiesta, itsreusbitch, ivannrakitic, ivnrakitic, j-u-v-e, jackwilsheres, jamesrodrigue-z, jamie-carragher, jareliee, jasonverlander, jaspercillessens, jegelskerdannyagger, joes-hart, jordan-hendersons, jordialbass, jordialbs, jurgensklopps, kaguchin, karrinmurphs, kingneuer, kjaers, klosenough, kroosable, kunessii, kunned, l-ukeshaw, l10nel-messi, la-vecchia-signora, lallamas, lambertlallana, larsbender, latinfiretron, leawrences, lenastronaut, leosmessi, lionel-messis, littlecule, livvypoolfc, lniesta, losalbicelestes, loverpool, luchosbarca, luchosswag, luis-enriques, lukarnodrics, lukas-poldoski

m-p (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

m-ascherano, manuelnewer, manuisourking, marckoreus, marcohan, marcoweus, mariobalotellli, mathieudebootay, mathieudepussy, matshummelz, matuidis, messi-a-h, messi10hatttrick, messis, mesut-oezils, miasanrich, mighty-red, mignoleeet, miiraculum, milanpique, miroslav-kloses, miroslavklose, morenoalberto, morenoperez, morscertio, mullerreus, mysergioramos4, nakedreus, nandosbutt, neuers, neymar-breezy, neymarporn, neymarsuckmyass, nochillneymar, oh-fabianski, ohliverpoolweloveyou, ohmybale, ohmygeri, oligirouds, orlandobloorns, oxladechamberlain, oxlades, oziils, ozilreal, ozilspussy, persiex, philcuteinho, philippslahms, philipslahm, piazon-s, piqueque, piszczykowska, polditu, pppper, puyoles

q-t (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

qerrard, queputa, raamsey, radamels, ramseys-hair, realmadecimas, reummels, reuski, ronaldweasl-y, ronuldos, rorys-aroman, rpatricio, rxogers, rycerzyklfc, s0miserem, samiiihyypia, samirsnasri, sassybartra, sassycesc, sassyreus, schwainsteiger, schweinstegers, schweinsteigrs, sergiro, sergisroberto, shakirugh, she-bleeds-white, shitjustgotmonreal, silvesca, skaggerpowaaa, slumdog-mignolet, sterlingraheem, steven-gerrard, stevenngerrard, stevensgerrard, stivie-g, stovongorrord, stvrridge, t-vermaelen, teambarca, ter-stegen, the-danish-wall, thebayern, thesturridge, thisisabbieee, thomasrnueller, thorgan10, thosemightyreds, toniskrooss, totosalvios

u-z (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

unsere-jungs, v-valdes, vamosblaugrana, vamostitimessi, vamosvilla, vermaelen-s, vikt0rfischer, viktorsfischer, villaismygod, vincecarters, w-easleypride, wearingblaugrana, wecomenottoplay, whatahitson, whoa-stevie, wilshered, wilsheresdimples, withasingleballoon, withhopeinourheart, wizardozil, wojshere, wollscheid, woodyinho, woodynho, xabiboo, xabineuer, xavidodgers, zabialonso, ziyechs

Okay so I decided to make a follow forever for the end of the year and also because I reached my goal of 500 followers. TYSM !! :) Happy holidays hoes.

Special special special thanks to @girouds for the wonderful edit ily :)


If you’re italicized too then that means you’re the shit a piece of shit as well (:

# - C

@91griezmann ~ @aaronramsy ~ @acercrea ~ @agent-manu ~ @agnes-wonka ~ @amatzed ~ @andybiersack615 ~ @angrydraxler10 ~ @antoinebenzema ~ @antoinegrieznann ~ @antoinegrieznnam ~ @aquafromdahood ~ @argxntina ~ @aubameyeah ~ @badgirlsclubbabes ~ @bae-rn ~ @baederwiel ~ @balenaldos ~ @bambinando ~ @barcapilots ~ @bastian-neuer ~ @bastiansbae ~ @bastischweinski ~ @bavaern ~ @bayernmunich25 ~ @bellerinho ~ @belllerin ~ @benzemart ~ @beyourownanchorsweetie ~ @blaszczykowskikuba ~ @blaugrxna ~ @bleedingblacknyellow ~ @boreussin ~ @brazilianzaddys ~ @breezybvb-11 ~ @bvb-mein-verein ~ @bvbfanxxx ~ @candycane-connor ~ @captainmascherano ~ @carlo-eyebrows-and-gum ~ @cashmoneyflow@chelsearealmadrid ~ @chintzychin ~ @christmascahill ~ @classybellerin ~ @colombiancafeteros ~ @cutie-muller ~ @cutiejamesr 

D - H

 @daneela ~ @dangereus11 ~ @danialvse ~ @debushit ~ @delicatelyandrogynousstrawberry ~ @deutsche-football ~ @devillovecr7 ~ @diegocostars ~ @doescristiano ~ @dork-reus ~ @dortmund-yellow-wall ~ @dortmunddork ~ @dreamysanchez ~ @durminated ~ @durmkroos ~ @echteliebe-juve ~ @ederhazard ~ @el-nino-fernando-torres ~ @endless-ovo ~ @erikdurmels ~ @eriksdurms37 ~ @exmuellert ~ @fancyreus ~ @fc-muller ~ @fcgriezmann ~ @festiveneuer ~ @footballeffects ~ @footballerimaginess ~ @footballlovers ~ @fuckyeahcillessen ~ @fuckyeahgotzeus ~ @fuckyouflorentinoperez ~ @futbolaf ~ @future2468 ~ @futuremsdurm ~ @giiiroud ~ @giroudmania ~ @girouds ~ @glbb0 ~ @go-oscar-emboabas ~ @gottalovecurls ~ @gotzeusbvb11 ~ @grandeatleti ~ @griezmanns ~ @griezmnn ~ @grieznando ~ @guapocasillas ~ @gunnersatheart ~ @gunnersgalore ~ @gutilicious ~ @half-fallen ~ @harrykandykane ~ @healthyplanbyann ~ @hectsbellerin ~ @hellograce2513 ~ @heyitsmemario ~ @heykyaraa ~ @hohohoector ~ @holly-larry ~ @holyreus ~ @hslades ~ @hu-hu-hummels 

I - M

@iheartdiemannschaftandsuch ~ @itisthesunnything ~ @its-tae-time ~ @jackwilshed ~ @james-rdgz ~ @jennymessireus ~ @jingleweigl ~ @joyeuxoli ~ @jungenundsterne ~ @kapitanfips ~ @keepingupwithmarcoreus ~ @kevintrappqueen ~ @kingbeehummels ~ @kingkeylor ~ @kltz11 ~ @l10nel-messi ~ @lanadelrealmadrid ~ @lareuss ~ @larrhnl ~ @larrymcfairy ~ @laurentclauscielny ~ @lcroos ~ @leon-tralala-goretzka ~ @lets-ship-neymessi ~ @lewan9owski ~ @lewandurmski ~ @littlegotze ~ @louehismybaby ~ @love-mario-g-bayren-marco-r-bvb ~ @madrillismo ~ @manuelneuerbr ~ @marcelitovieira ~ @marcmeme ~ @marco-rollsreus ~ @marcoundmario ~ @marcoverreus ~ @mariana506 ~ @mario-hotze ~ @marioftmarco ~ @marqo-reus ~ @matshommels ~ @mattshummels ~ @matuidis ~ @maxluca7 ~ @merrycristmas ~ @meslut ~ @mesutozilholic ~ @mgoetzinho ~ @mia-san-munich ~ @miesut ~ @monsieurbenzi ~ @moufc ~ @mrhummels ~ @mullerized  ~ @musik-war-meine-idee 

N - Z

@neuersnutella ~ @neuxr ~ @neyjames ~ @neymarschambers ~ @neymessionante ~ @neyxmar-jr ~ @nickimickey1 ~ @noreusnoparty ~ @oddpopcake ~ @ohreusmyreus ~ @okscielny ~ @omgotze ~ @oziliskingg ~ @pasteleye256 ~ @pcgbas ~ @penaldo ~ @penaldojr ~ @piszczk ~ @plszczu ~ @pogbellerin ~ @pogmann ~ @portugoal9 ~ @princesarafinha ~ @quecono ~ @queenbasti ~ @rafinhasqueen ~ @rapharane ~ @real-germadrid ~ @real-madridology ~ @rebeccajuventinia ~ @reubameyang ~ @reus-durm ~ @reus-mrxi ~ @reusbooty ~ @reusismyidol ~ @reusli ~ @reusloverforever ~ @reusocean ~ @reuxsily ~ @reyrafinha ~ @robertlewansnowski ~ @rollingmysnowyreus ~ @romanbaerki ~ @sadiccha ~ @sandinjar ~ @sandwichestaale ~ @santadowski ~ @santahammy ~ @schurrleyeah ~ @sergiorambo ~ @shipping-footballers ~ @shoeyshipper45 ~ @sleighbellerins ~ @smilingdraxler ~ @smolchambers ~ @snowsteiger ~ @spookysasic ~ @stefanbvbanghel ~ @stenzels ~ @stern-des-arsenal ~ @sweetlunarian ~ @switchbladesmilesx ~ @t0nikroos ~ @teamvaranes ~ @terstergen ~ @the-marco-bear ~ @thexheroine ~ @thia6o ~ @thomas-muller-25 ~ @thomasmxller ~ @thoumasmuller ~ @tinyjordialba ~ @trisyaelyna ~ @usversusthem13 ~ @waiting-from-the-inside ~ @weallfollowthearsenal ~ @welcome-to-shanrock ~ @wieauchimmeroderdoch ~ @wilsheregirl ~ @wooddyinho ~ @woodiinho ~ @woodyreus11 ~ @xrealmadridistax ~ @yvesdoncaster

Have a happy New Year bitches.


So these are the blogs who made my year here on tumblr, thanks a lot for that and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Bold are my fav people

Italic are my fav blogs


11peterpan26beyourself11 - 1909-borussiadortmund - 1909echteliebe - aaronramsassy - aaron-ramseyss - abitlikelove - allhailstevengerrard - arsene-s - arseneswengers - aubamevang - barca-penguins - barca-forever - bartra-marcbarethgale - bartramarc - blindsdaley - bluetorres - boahey-borussia - borussin-09 - bvbbeetchesbvbkirsche- captainfantastiic - cechspetr - chr1stian-eriksenchrisze 



daleyxblinddankebvb darrenfletcher - davidluizplease - debruynels - deiachi - draxl3rs - durmicious37 - edenhazardashian - el-nino-fernando-torres - elodiesxndrs - erikjonathan - fantastisco-alarcon - fc-bootylona - fcbarcelxna - football-s - foreverbvb96 - franklamprd - franziiibvb09



garethbellsgibbbo - ginterbread - ginterwonderland - glorymata - gloryutd - hardestgame - hazardandkompany - herz86 - herzblutzecke09 - hollyjollywilsherehohohummels - iheartbarca - imaginelifestuff - imagineyouare - in-love-with-bvb - insignification - itsswaghetti - j-aviermascheranojamie-carragher- januzaj–durm–reus - jareliee - javiers-hernandezjingleneuer juldrax10 


kingbellamyblakes - klopposoldandnew - koenigreus - l10nel-messi - laurent-koscielny - letyourdreamstakeoverlilarose79 - littlecule - losalbicelestes - lpoldis - manuel-hummels - manuelnewermarckoreus - marcoreuzz - marcogoetze - marcohutcherson - marcoreusandmoremarcoreusus - mariogcmez - mathieudebootay - matshummelz - meinlebendirvermachtmelr11 - messi10hatttrick - messigirlmiiraculum - milanpiquemiroslav-kloses - mrs-reus-1909 - mrsreus09



nemanjamatic - neuerstolemynutella - notperfectbutbeautifulinside - ohh-my-fernando - ohmyfootballersohmygeriozilrealpatstewtinartson - phernandotorrespierreaubameyangz piszczykowskapodolzki - remadriid - robertlewanclowski - ronuldos - rossonero-for-life - s0miseremsadicchasassybartra - sassyreus - sergiocuatro - stivie-g - surelyschurrle - swaggyreus - swenbender - t0nikroos - ter-stegen - the-football-inspirationtheechte -this-is-football-bitch​ 


U - Z

unitedxfan - unsere-jungsunserefarbenschwarzundgelb - unserganzesleben - veltdurm - vikt0rfischer - wengerscoat - whatslifewithoutimagination - winning-is-our-aim - wo-soccerwortsammlerin - wunderborusse

I might have missed some because all of your wonderful christmas URLs.

So it’s almost Christmas (aka my most favourite time of the year) and it seems like a pretty good time to do a Follow Forever because I follow so many awesome blogs (everyone I follow are amazing I love you) and I just wanna acknowledge some of my favourite blogs (I attempted an edit but it looks kind of terrible oh well moving on)


-itsnotjustagame- * -neymarjr * 50shadesofneymar


aar0nramsey * aaronjramseyisgorgeous * aaronramseey * aaronramsy * aboutmessi * agrentina * aguerc * alliwantforchristmasisreus * argentantlers * arseneswengers

babeneymar * babeoscar * baeneymar * baeoscar * baezilnt * barca-penguins * barcasmarc * bartra-marc * bartrabae * bartrapocalypse * basicallybayern * blessneymar * brazilfutebol * @brazilnts

cameronmonaughan * caseallas * chicharitmas * christmastiano * claudiormarchisio * cocaineymar * conwalshs * cristianoronldo * cristianosronaldo

d-villas * dadvidluiz * daleysblindd * damneymar * danialvesunnieswag * danielssharmans * davidluizmate * davidluizbae * disneyprincerakitic * ddurm * duckie-neuer * durmany

electxic * emboabaa * emboobaba * erikdurm-s * erikdurmn * everythingaboutneymar * explicitneymar


f-o-d-a-s * fc-bootylona * fcbarceloan * fcblaugranes * felicitysmock * festivenando * festivesanchez * festivethiago * football-s * footballtbh * foreverneymarjr * frostyramseys

gareth-bae * garethgotze * giiroud * ginterbread * goldenboyneymar * goldenneuer * gothzeus * gotzeh

hohohale * heyneymarjr * holaleomessi * hot-soccer-maniac

iker-claus * ikerclausillas * ikerscasillas * ikrcasillas * itsneymessi * itswilsherepants * iwantneymarsjunior

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That’s it. Sorry if I’ve missed you out. I love everyone I follow and everyone who follows me!

Have good Christmas to all that celebrate it, if not then have a good winter I guess!


None of the above is mine except my handwriting BUT ANYWAY A NEW FOLLOW FOREVER!!! Cause I just got 785 followers and you are all lovely :)

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Hey guys!

I made this little messi-barca edit in honor of my one month blog anniversary :)

I just want to thank all of you for being so nice and embracing me to the cule family even though I’m new to it. I’ll tag some of my favorite people here:

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So I reached my next hundred last night and I thought to celebrate I would do another follow forever. I want to thank everyone for following me and for putting up with this mess. I can’t thank you guys enough and I love you all so much. I never thought of tumblr as a place where i could make friends but i was proven wrong, I’ve met some of the nicest people ever on here. So thank you again for everything :)


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I highly recommend that you go follow all of these amazing people. Also i apologize if i forgot anyone and if i forgot you please tell me. 

Also a massive thank you to hawkeyesghostdick, neymardasilvasantos-jr, ney-luiz, and football-s for actually putting up with me and talking to me i love you guys so much and i hope you realize how much you mean to me. 

So, I recently hit 800+ followers and I’ve never made a follow forever so yeah…




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I probably missed a ton but I tried

Hello Loves !!!

Well this is my first follow forever ! yeeeaah !! I thought that I needed to do this before the year end. Guys I love you so much, I mean it ! You are all perfect! thank you so much for make my days happier <3 If i forgot somebody please Im sorry im a mess with this! I apologies from now! Thank you so much again !

(they are not in order, sorry for that too)

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Woow, I think that’s all ! I apologies again if i forgot somebody, didn’t mean to, Thank you so much guys I love you all ! you can also see my Blogroll. :) Sorry again for the mess ! Chauchis !!

Joche <3

Follow forever


I created this account exactly a month ago, so I just want to thank all the people that follow me.
I met flawless people, lovely and very very nice! thanks to this blog I had a lot of good time on tumblr and I finally found other girls with I can talk about football lmao :)

And above all I want to thank the people that make my dash perfect:


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i feel like i do these way to often but i love doing them. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me have the most amazing time on tumblr. every single person I’ve “met” has been so nice to me and i can’t thank you enough for that. i love you all more then anything, tumblr has become almost like a safe place for me i always feel happier when I’m on and seeing all of you on my dash makes my day. if i didn’t mention you i apologize i probably forget so many people. i hope you all have an amazing 2015!


-neymarjr // 50shadesofneymar


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Angel ( jinglebellshawkguysmells) my mama hen you were the very first person i ever actually talked to on here. You are so amazing and even though we haven’t talked in like over a month i love talking to you so much. you’re hilarious and fucking gorgeous holy shit. back when we started talking i had like -5 followers and you’re honestly one of the reasons i stayed on tumblr because i found out that i could meet amazing friends on here. love you <3 

Lena ( ney-luiz ) i love you more then anything. i miss kiking you so much. you’re such an amazing person and definitely one of the nicest people i know. i can’t thank you enough for helping me with so much stuff. and not only did i become friends with you but you helped me start talking to someone who is now one of my closest friends and i love you for that. 

Sarah ( neymardasilvasantos-jr) i can’t remember the last time we talked :( but you’re still one of my favourite people ever. i loved talking to you, you’re hilarious and such a nice person. also you are human perfection you’re so gorgeous (I’m jealous tbh). you’re also my little Brazilian and one day you’re gonna take me there with out haha and ill take you up to canada. <3 

Maria ( darlin-youre-perfect-to-me) you are literally perfect. i love you so much you don’t even know you’ve been so nice to me. i love talking to you even though we don’t talk very often. i will always be here for you if you need to talk to someone or just if you’re bored and want someone to talk to. you mean the world to me and you seem to be a lot happier which honestly makes me 10x happier everyday. 

Amanda ( bloginpeace) we’ve only talked a few times but i fucking love you. i appreciate your acceptance of my love for leo and i know one day i will convince you to feel the same way ;) we’ve only talked a few times but you’re so nice and funny. i hope we can talk more in the new year! 

Zara ( amantedelcalcio) we’ve only talked a few times and i don’t know you too well but you make my dash 1000x times better. you’re blog is perf and you’re perf. you are hilarious and so nice. but lets get real for a second you are hella gorgeous, your fucking eyes are insane they’re so pretty. i wish we talked more because i really want to get to know you better <3 

Raisa ( football-s) first of all i need to say that your edits in my opinion are the best ones on this whole website, i love every single one of them and i wish i was able to do stuff like that. we rarely talk like we’ve probably talked twice but for some reason i consider you as one of my best friends you’re one of the nicest people ever and i don’t care how much you disagree with me you are flawless. i love you so much, keep making amazing edits and i hope we can talk more :) 

Um, I really suck at this and I don’t know what to say– other than thank you. Thank you to the people who keep my dash alive, to the people who follow me, to the people who reblog my stuff, and also to my mutuals. Never have I ever thought that I would get this amount of love from you guys in such a short amount of time (even though I am a horrible person and I don’t deserve any of you). Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a good year ahead of you. Love you guys.

Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite blogs:

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