Angel Correa:  “YOU and this TEAM deserved it more than anyone.

Eduardo Toto Salvio: 

Frederico Vietto:“Don’t leave us Leo, the new generation needs you” 

Rodrigo de Paul: “Don’t lower your head D10S, your crown would fall👑. Thank you so much for making us forget our problems for a little while”

Leandro Romagnoli: “I hope it was something said in the heat of the moment. Myself, like many others, want to continue enjoying you with the 10 of Argentina”

Rodrigo Contreras: “You will always be the best Come on messi in the toughest times we are with you even more”

Joni Castellanos: “Think about it L10NEL”

“Yes, that day has come,he became tired. THE BEST IN THE WORLD SAID ENOUGH, I’m going to miss you Lionel, I hope you think about it because you football” 

Tomi Cardona: “You will continue to be the best L10!!!!!”

Leo Buter: “Don’t lower you head KING, or your crown would fall off”

Robertino Insua: “You will always be the best if them all! Forgive them fools!”

Martin Perez Guedes: “Thank you so much Argentina and Messi, good things will come”

Maxi Rolon: “Always with you D10S.. THE BEST IN THE WORLD”

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Hey guys!

I made this little messi-barca edit in honor of my one month blog anniversary :)

I just want to thank all of you for being so nice and embracing me to the cule family even though I’m new to it. I’ll tag some of my favorite people here:

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