Make it. Worth it.

At the end of the day we’re just looking for someone to love and someone to be loved by. What complicates that is everyone has different standards of love and different values of relationships. You’re never fully on the same page which is why it is necessary to work things out and have conversations, hang out, have fun,experiment, and be happy. Grow with each other while never losing sight of yourself.

Cause in reality..

Real couples aren’t perfect.
Perfect couples aren’t real.

Could it be?

Is it.. Is this.. Love?
I don’t know. I don’t think so.
I mean.. I’ve been in love before so I should know what it feels like
and right now this has all the makings of it.
All the signs and symptoms
causes, effects.
but.. love? Is this love?
I can’t tell just yet.
I want to say it is but that would be rash.
It’s too soon. I barely know this person.
Naa. It can’t be love.
Maybe it’s the burrito I had for lunch.
Love has a way of feeling like one too many tacos.
Love kinda feels like a full stomach and too much gas.
Yea.. That’s it. It’s gas.
Couldn’t be love.
Can’t be love..
How badly though..
Do I wish it was.. That I wish it could be..

It's not you..

“Like what happened between us. It’s like you don’t wanna hang out anymore. Like you don’t care about how I’ve been. You’ve been getting so distant.”

“Well.. In not so many words, there’s someone new in the picture.”

“And who could that possibly be?”