I think possibly people have tried to write the whole story of Acacia but they’re still a lil opinionated. I’m going to try to write the whole thing (bear with me!!) 

Back in 2011 Tumblr was a little less known and there was a gigantic “quality” phase. Acacia came onto the scene posting selfies under the name of “lets-snuggle” using a high quality camera. (Hence the name quality.) 

You can’t deny she’s pretty. So because she was a quality blog and was pretty, she gained followers and got really famous. She started dating tumblr user mleting (a cute guy named Jake.) He was pretty famous on the site, so she gained even more followers from that.

Really late at night one day a picture of her in her bra was posted onto her blog and she asked people to call her for whatever reason. (It’s this picture if you’re curious).

This is when she started getting hate. People started calling her “acunta” and making jokes about her itty bitty titties. Basically this is where the hate for her being a whore/slut started. Jake called her to tell her about the nudes. Essentially this is the reason that he broke up with her– even though she denied the nudes and said that a guy from her school posted them. Her first hate blog was made (l0lsummer69, though i think the name was different then.)

She changed her url because of the hate– to callmegiraffe. Apparently it was because of her stuffed giraffe, but it also gave a nod to the people who said she looked like a giraffe.

She dyed her hair brown. 

She kept doing things that were deemed “slutty” by her haters– I guess you could say they were. She apparently gave a guy a handjob while a movie was playing in the theater.

She, uh, posted a pictures like these.

Basically it just damaged her rep a little more. 

She kind of changed her style after that. The quality era of Tumblr kind of faded, and people were going vertical. So did she. She mostly wore her hair straight, and wore lots of snapbacks and sweatshirts. She was little less girly at this point.

She decided that she was famous enough to have a meet up, like many people on Tumblr do, to meet her fans. It was at the Mall of America but she was devastated because only one girl came. She basically just hung out at the apple store and took videos (a lot of blogs on tumblr have them.)

So she became sorta friends with that one girl for a night and slept over and they went on tinychat. She put the link on her tumblr like 80 times. That was a bad idea.

She did shots of vodka and posted more questionable pics.

…Basically this is where everyone lost all their respect for her and she became known as a certified whore.  

After that she dyed her hair blonde and became super girly again. 

At the time her best friend was Casandra Ashe, a sweet girl. For seemingly no reason she friend-dumped Casandra for the Youtube Crew. 

Then she went through this awful goth/experimental phase documented in a video where she tried to cover a song. 

She was dating this guy Zack at the time. She also met Lindsay Demeola, who she introduced to Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley. She broke up with Zack and started dating Sam, but it was pretty obvious she wanted to date Kian. He didn’t like her, though.

Basically he thought she was using Sam for fame (she did gain a lot from him) and in the end this ruined the friendship between Kian and Sam. Their fandom, the “Lawlorffs” started to hate Acacia– this is where she gained the reputation of making fandoms angry and ruining them. 

At this point Kian and Lindsay also got close and Acacia got mad, further giving evidence that she was using Sam and wanted Kian. She 

Lindsay answered a question about it on Tumblr after Sam broke up with Acacia and started dating Lindsay. (It gets a little confusing.) She was pretty Tumblr famous too.

She did some damage to her rep on Sam’s Twitter by being rude to his fans.

She also posted pictures of her self-harming on Twitter. Whether she really does or doesn’t is still unclear, but people think that she doesn’t because both Lindsay and Sam, two people she was close to at the time denied it. It was pretty obviously at the most scratching. However, she still stuck to her story.

Even her mom supported her by posting this screenshot on Instagram. She got some backlash and doubt because people wondered why she didn’t give her help/rehab/therapy or whatever. 

Her old boyfriend Jake (melting) from her tumblr days said his opinion on her.

Sam broke up with her and he started dating Lindsay.

She dyed her hair black for like 2 days. 

This basically marked the end of her Tumblr days because around that day her tumblr was hacked and changed to victoriswhat. She basically became more focused on Instagram and Twitter and became super famous on there. On Instagram she was very obvious about liking cats and her fans started calling themselves her “kitties.” She overdid it a little.

She also started showing off how skinny she was. 

She also kind of got a catchphrase, “stay weird.” Her fans started calling her an inspiration even though she didn’t do much. 

Although it was a little annoying, imo it was probably her nicest and cutest phase, she didn’t shoot her mouth off and was overall kinda nice. 

She posted tons of cute selfies. 

She was really girly and wore a ton of Brandy Melville. 

She started dating Steven (@dartle on instagram) who was a really devout Christian. She also became friends with another really devout person, Lizze Broadway. So she was God-loving too. Wore a ton of crosses. 

She also ate a lot of Taco Bell and started getting free food from them.

She friend-dumped Lizze because she thought that she was being used for her fame (sound familiar?). She started a little band called Girl Squad with two other girls then realized they were using her too. 

For a little while, she was also the spokesperson for a failed social network called Pheed. She stopped using it after like 2 days.

By this time she had also remade her tumblr, but didn’t use it as much. She stated that she was 2 weeks clean from cutting.

After she and Steven broke up, she kinda lost grip on herself and got super into bands. And the boys in them. Basically, she was hella desperate. 

She had an ongoing obsession with Cody Simpson and kind of manipulated people into thinking that they were close. 

She got hate for copying Alli Simpson.

She also got hate for getting to go backstage to an EMBLEM3 concert when she wasn’t a “true fan”. She was linked to a member, Keaton Stromberg, for a little bit. She bragged about it on twitter.

Apparently she also got to go to One Direction. 

Acacia posted on twitter/instagram that she was invited to be a brandy melville model, and people believed it. She heavily documented it on social media. But later it was revealed by one of the models that she just invited herself, which was a little weird. It made sense because Brandy never actually featured her pictures.

She still made a huge deal about it.

She dyed her hair brown and bought a penny board. Most people thought it was because she had her eye on 5SOS’ Michael Clifford/Ashton/Luke Hemmings. 

They started following her on twitter then soon unfollowed. It was rumored that she had Michael and Luke’s numbers. 

She dyed her hair red and got a nose ring. She was super into bands now. She always wore band tees and got quite a ton of backlash for it.

One night over summer (like August) it was apparent that she was at the 5SOS house. 

All hell broke loose when people noticed that Luke had refollowed her that night. But then 5SOS posted a tweet insinuating that someone had broken into her house. It was all really confusing and honestly what made the 5SOS fandom hate her. 

On Tumblr she said that she didn’t have either Luke’s or Michael’s numbers. 

She got a really long red weave in September and went full indie/punk/whatever. It was unclear. But she acted like she was super into gaming and anime and generally “geeky” things. 

She got her weave taken out.

 By this point she’s now really good friends with Lindsay again, but they’re kind of on and off and can be really nasty to each other.

For a little bit she dated TC Carter from After Romeo– possibly. He’s 21.

Around the end of her relationship, she announced she was going to Digifest to perform with her band WaterColor. At Digifest 2013 (December) she performed “Stick Around” with them and it was really awkward because her voice was small and she had some of the worst attempts at stage presence ever. She also tried to hang out with more famous people like Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan, but they downright ignored her. She said hi to Kian Lawley and his girlfriend Andrea Russett but they gave her a dirty look back. 

Oh yeah, and by this time she had a new black weave.

She got some ridicule about her band because she asked applicants to include a photo of themselves. She also classified them as punk when really they were generic bubble gum pop. 

They released their single Stick Around on Jan. 6 2014 and it climbed to #32 on iTunes. Acacia was really trying for top 10 but that didn’t happen. The only reason it got to 32 was because a bunch of kitties had caused a large influx in buying the song. The next day it tanked to 80 and by the day after it was off the top 100.

She also got really into the movie Frozen. 

She started uploading way more onto her YouTube.

She and TC broke up from distance.

She also started working out. Before, she had been pretty famous for being naturally skinny. She still eats a lot though.

She got hate for unneccessarily showing off her cuts. It was again brought into question whether she actually did cut or not.

She announced she would be going on tour with Watercolor and Hollywood Ending– a little puzzling considering they only have one song.

In January both Acacia and Lindsay had a gigantic falling out. They had always been on and off before, but the subtweets to each other exploded. Acacia tweeted that she was going to a party with Lorde there, but that night she didn’t go. This set off a gigantic series of subtweets to her friends, including Lindsay throwing shade back at her. This wasn’t new:

They never really had a healthy relationship. 

In the midst of the subtweets, Casandra stepped in on the side with a big burn.

But for the first time since they were friends they were directly tweeting each other mean things. The tweets were deleted soon after.

Acacia also uploaded gigantic rants onto Twitter about her haters, friends, etc. and made it clear she “wasn’t jealous” of them or that she wasn’t getting left out. It’s unclear whether she’s telling the truth.

And to add icing on top of the cake, Acacia uploaded a video in late January called “Ask Acacia.” Someone asked her who the last person she texted was and she bleeped it out because “people would get mad.” She blatantly said Michael Clifford and smiled, but it’s possible she was making it up like she did with Cody and had a backup plan if she was getting accused by MC himself. 

Jan 26th, 2014



I have read her story on instagram. But i know acacia for like 2 years. Everyone was talking about her tumblr days. So i was searching for old haters or fans of acacia. In her tumblr days, THERE WAS NO KITTIES OR DOGGIES. So 2 people told the story and it was exactly the same. so this is her story and i give credit to ‘txtpostcaca’ on instagram and ‘acaciastory’ but there is no more acaciastory on instagram… Well there is but the first and good one is now gone. And also, if you wanna see her gifs and video’s on her tumblr days, than follow THE FIRST ACACIA HATE BLOG EVER. and btw, she made up Acunta and Acuntias. Not lindsay, that’s bullshit. here’s the first hate blog of acacia: l0lsummer69.tumblr.com/

Okay so, she had a tumblr who had a great theme. Her name was “letssnuggle”. She acted like every other girl on tumblr, trying to get with the so called “tumblr boys”. Like every other hormone raging teenage girl. But the one thing that separated her was her looks. She actually caught there attention. They noticed her, they promoted her and that’s when she started to gain alot of followers. She started posting typical tumblr girl pictures which even got her more followers. I want to make it clear that she did not get famous first because of her nudes. But then when she gained more and more followers she started to change. She posted pictures like this one pushing up her tits and se made gifs of herself shaking her boobs and playing with them. So after she started getting known and literally every guy on tumblr wanted her she started to get really cocky. She now became your so called “tumblr girl.” The first phase acacia went through was the hard core rap phase. Which no one really knows about. She posted videos of herself listening to Tyler the creator and she used to draw upside down crosses on herself. The reason she acted this way was because of someone acacia was infatuated with. His name was Anthony but his name on tumblr was cr4shh. He was one of the tumblr famous guys. Acacia found this tumblr famous guy named Anthony, his tumblr name is cr4shh. She literally fell for the guy, they talked on the phone every night and she wanted to date him. She was obsessed with him, but he treated her like complete shit. He called her a slut and said she goes after every guy on tumblr. Then she found out and do did his thousands of followers that he was a fake. The boy behind cr4shh name is actually Chris and he’s 17 not 15. I don’t understand how acacia couldn’t have seen this. Everytime people asked him to do a tinychat, he never did. Him and acacia only have talked on the phone and texted. Never Skyped or anything but yeah. Acacia ended meeting the real Anthony. I’m happy she did, she was literally catfished. So I’m going to talk about the video of acacia crying. Which a lot of people don’t know about or why. A lot of conclusions been made up to fill the confusion of this situation. Like some people said she wasn’t crying (which is total bull) or that she was laughing so hard she cried. What basically happened was that after she got catfished by Anthony aka cr4shh aka Chris lol. She got hate, literally so much hate because he claimed that she saw pictures of her. That they sexted and had phone sex. Then he leaked a picture to one of the old hate blogs idk which one though. That’s when the first picture got spread around. Which was a bra pic, in my honest a opinion phone sex is harmless. She was 13, YES hormones. Don’t we all feel a little needy? Not trying to sound disgusting but I bet a good 90% of my followers have masturbated by themselves or with someone else. As a teengaer you have sexual desires… i sound like dr.phil but its true. But yes she did make a video crying, she sobbed and mascara was running down her face. And yeah I laughed, a lot of people did. Which doesn’t make it right lol. But the video was useless cause no one really felt bad for her and said she was looking for attention. Idk, but she deleted the video and its deleted from earth. after the whole cr4shh thing happened Acacia fell for another guy over tumblr named Jake. His tumblr name was Int0xication and still is if you want to follow him. So basically Acacia was obsessed with Jake and he already knew about her. Jake found acacia attractive but really hated her personality. Acacia kept making posts about her and jake that they were friends when they really weren’t. So people went on his tumblr and asked if it was true. Which is wasn’t and he said no. He literally went bananas, he called her a crazy bitch and said she looked like Vuldemor. This was the base of the doggies. The first ever acacia hate page was l0lsummer69, it was rumored to be jake but it wasn’t. But yeah his fan girls were the first acacia hate pages.  So after the whole Int0xication issue, Acacia met Jake aka mleting. The mleting is the same name for all his social medias if you want to check him out. But acacia met Jake number two over tumblr aswell. They fell madly in love and had a relationship over skype lol. They dated I think. But things didnt work out. The ended up meeting each other after they broke up. They’re still friends till this day. Jake was good for Acacia, he made her a little more mature than she was. He’s two years older than her. owyeah i forgot to say, her url changed to ‘callmegiraffe’. So basically after the whole mleting thing Acacia was alone for awhile. She didn’t hop to another guy so quick like in the past. Well, If you don’t know who frank twitchy is. He’s a aspiring 15 year old rapper who posted a video of him and his grandma dancing to rack city bitch. He got really famous, his video was even on world star. Acacia thought he was cute so she followed him and did her little thing she does lol idek. But they talked for awhile and then he stopped talking to her for basically this reason. I’m going to tell you about mike cerrato. He’s so famous you might already know who he is. He’s the third most famous tumblr guy behind jamjars & Cody christman. He lives in Brooklyn and him and Lindsey were best friends. Not sure if they still are, but his name on tumblr was thissnigguh. Now a little about Lindsay. So basically Lindsay’s old tumblr name was y0ungfav0rites. Anyways this is what happened. Acacia tried to get with Mike Cerrato like every female on tumblr. She ended catching his attention, and they were talking mostly just flirting. Lindsey got really mad cause she knew about acacia making her way around with a bunch of guys from tumblr. So Lindsay, called out acacia and acacia called her out too! Mike eventually chose Lindsay’s side. Acacia would talk about Lindsey’s nose and stuff and called mike a thirsty ass bitch. One of his fan girls told him and he called her a giraffe and told her to stick her head up her as. So after her and Jake (mleting) didn’t work out. She dated a guy name zac. She actually didnt meet him over tumblr. They lived in the same neighborhood. I dont even know why they broke up. But Zac wanted sex with Acacia and she said no. And Zac kept asking for sex and acacia said always no. APPLAUSE FOR ACACIA! Maybe that’s the reason why they broke up. But she talked to alot of guys in a short amount of time. After this she went back to posting racy pictures on tumblr. Now about the Miranda stuff. So first I’m going to inform you on who Miranda Gunner is. She was the biggest asshole on tumblr, her name was s3xnoise and she told people to cut themselves and to kill themselves. This is after her and acacia got into a fight.  Ok so basically Miranda Gunner and Acacia befriended each other. So tiny chat used to be a thing back in the tumblr days and so acacia was on it acting like she was hammered drunk. Miranda got annoyed and said she’s getting annoying. They got in like a big fight. Miranda was saying you shouldn’t act drunk. It’s not a good look. They ended REALLY hating each other till this day. So acacia posted  a picture and it caused alot of controversy. People started to pick sides, debating who was right or wrong. I would like to add this was only year ago. But words hurt…. They both need to learn that. Hopefully acacia did since she was preaching it. Miranda not so much. She also pictures of her, holding her boobs. She post them on tumblr to get attention. So acacia started to post more racier and racier pictures. it’s not photoshopped either. it’s very hard to photoshop webcam pictures. But this is what caused acacia to get hate on tumblr. All these tumblr famous did not like her including Cody christman and lindsay demeola but they ended up being friends. posting pictures with her bra and stuff got her really noticed on tumblr. So acacia has never ever ever posted a nude on the internet. thats a fucking lie, acacia sent pictures to guys. she started off sending pics in her bra and eventually led to full nude pics. almost all the guys she sent pictures too, leaked them to her hate blogs on tumblr which led her to get called things like whore. but the thing was that people let it slide cause we all make mistakes but the thing is you learn from them and stop. acacia kept doing this constantly & kept on making the same mistake. she didnt learn from them. so now im moving on to the whole sam and acacia shit. which alot of you have been anticipating, everything is so twitsted and so fucked up and a lie. what alot of people thought happened did not happen. Okay well it all started in August. Acacia was not THAT famous, she was still a tumblr girl lol. well, i remember her making a post. saying “omg someone hook me up with kian lawley” on tumblr. this is before lawlorffs knew who she was or kian and sam. then a couple of days later she made a video with her and cassandra and she said “i love kian lawley” . Acacia kept trying to get with kian tweeting him and stuff later she made a video with her and cassandra and she said “i love kian lawley” . Acacia kept trying to tweet him and stuff  but he would ignore her. but im pretty sure kian didnt know about her past. or thought anything bad of her, he probably wasnt interested so after she kept getting ignored she made a tweet. she started tweeting sam and he noticed her. Ok so basically after kian was ignoring acacia, she was annoyed. And started messaging sam. Sam noticed her and messaged back so acacia made a tweet saying “sampottorff notices me but not kianlawley. ok cool. i love sam more anywas”. which isnt true because the night she posted on tumblr saying “someone hook me up with kian lawley” So when sam dated acacia, most of his friendships were tearing apart and kian and him were mainly tearing apart. the funny thing is kian knew acacia wasnt good and kian tryed to tell sam acacia is using ham but haha sam had the balls to we didnt know anything. when he only knew her for one week and they already had a sleepover. theres actually a video of acacia saying she loves kian and then three days later she dates sam…After a couple of weeks of sam dating acacia, they were growing more and more apart. Sam was getting alot of hate from the lawlorffs people were also choosing sides (mostly kian) sam also started to slack on their daily vlogs, and his youtube career in general. he would always say that he was busy when really he was busy hanging with acacia. Kian literally indirect tweeted about acacia or sam. ricky even made a couple, sam felt like no one was on his side. and he was always complaining so one night he texted sophia AS A FRIEND. And Acacia found out and got mad. So after Acacia was making tweets and indirect tweeting there were rumors that they broke up. But they didn’t and she made a tweet saying that all the drama makes there relationship stronger. So one day Sam was hanging out with acacia and forgot to do his vlog on kiansam13. Kian got really really mad if you’re a lawlorff you definitely remember this. She teared there friendship, kian started to mostly do the vlogs while Sam was hanging out. If you want to see the video of when Sam forgot to make his vlog and the fandom being mad. The video is on kiansam13 on YouTube. The title is like “messed up big time” you couldn’t even hear him. He was talking low and he was rushing.  So after Sam constantly wasnt putting effort into his youtube videos. Kian was getting fed up, so i guess kian and the rest of the o2l crew had a talk with Sam. JC said that they talked to him and tried to guide him but sam makes his own choices. Its in one of his O2l videos from the fall. So, one day sam made a O2l video at acacias house. And wasnt even focusing on the camera, and alot of the top comments were saying that Sam should be kicked out of O2l and that they should replace him with someone else. Alot of lawlorffs and fans were mad. So one night Acacia made a tweet saying “you guys wont look past his looks”. indirect tweeting about kian and then she said that kian was a bad friend to sam and that she was better for sam. So kian got pissed and had big balls and was saying he would ruin and acacia and said she was low and basically called her physco cause she compared her and sam’s relationship to romeo and juliet. So after the fight Sam kept on tweeting stuff saying whatever he does his fans wont support him & that we dont know the whole story Kian was basically fed up with Sam and was just dealing with him because of youtube. So one day someone told sam that acacia was cheating on him. lol im not going to say who ;) but they sent pictures to Sam of the recent naked pictures. He was still in denial so like the guy had to vouch that it was true. Later that evening Acacia and Sam started direct tweeting eachother. Everyone was saying they broke up but they didnt. Then acacia made a tweet saying that no matter what we try to do lawlorffs wont tear there relationship apart. Then like a couple of days later they broke up. So im going to explain what was the beginning of the downfall of Acacia’s and Sam’s relationship. So there was this guy named Rob, you probably know him from Tumblr. He was a tumblr boy or whatever and is url was oh-woah. So, when Sam and Acacia were dating. She face timed Rob while he took a shower. I dont know if she saw dick or not, ok. But she posted a pic on twitter and Sam saw. He got mad and her excuse was that he texts his ex sophia So she was allowed to do it. But Sam forgave her and I don’t see her talking to rob anymore. Lol he’s like a nobody now kinda. sorry i forgot to say this lol.So the night after Sam and Acacia broke up, people started to go on lindsay’s tumblr and ask questions because nor sam or acacia would answer them. People asked them all these questions and they answered honestly and truthfully but there answers were OBVIOUSLY BIASED. this is when acacia and morgan got into a fight and lindsay stopped liking her obviously cause morgan is her little sister. So this is when Acacia really didnt have anyone besides Cassandra. Cause she fucked up her relationship with Lindsay, Sam, Morgan, Zac, Zac’s little brother, Obviously kian didnt like her too. And also acacia called lindsay a trash and she send hate to lindsay because lindsay was dating Sam after Acacia. AndLindsay had a message from an anon and it said she should kill herself and that was probably acacia but i’m not sure. later Lindsay made a gif about  the person who said that she should kill herself and it had a thousands of notes. LOL i still have that gif on my personal tumblr. and a little note for the fans of acacia who say she wasn’t changing for boys when she was 13/14: you have NO IDEA. acacia did change for boys on her tumblr days. so now about this, that almost nobody knows and I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING EITHER SO.  But basically Acacia had an obsession with emblem three like how she does with 5SOS and one direction now. So at first she really liked Wesley I guess and she tweeted about him ALOT. But she kept getting hate cause she was 14-15 and he’s way older. So acacia said that she’s attracted to Wesley but Keaton is her favorite because he’s perfect and they’re basically the same age. So she started to obsess over Keaton and tweeted pictures of her cat Paradise anytime Keaton posted a picture of his cat. She basically got her kitties to get Keaton to follower her and he did. She always tweeted him and indirect tweeted saying stuff like “you’re so perfect”. They started talking and Acacia said they should have a play date with their cats. Which is straight bullshit, we all know she was trying to get with Keaton. And she’s a smart ass girl using her cat as an advantage since they both are obsessed with cats. But this picture was taken the second time they met. The first time she met them at a concert or meet and greet. Not sure but Keaton’s sister found out about acacia and basically told Keaton that hell to the fucking no you’re not talking to this girl anymore. She tweets him now time to time but he just ignores her. But Keaton basically said he never really liked acacia like that…and he got TONS of hate for talking to her. OMG I FORGOT TO SAY SHE CHANGED HER URL TO: h-rd when she posted pictures of her bikini and bra etc. ALSO FORGOT TO SAY THIS Ok not a lot of people know this but acacia dated some guy from Puerto Rico she met over tumblr. It was really short, it didn’t last. They broke up cause of distance. She basically saw a picture of him and said “omg who is this” like shes doing with that polish boy or whatever. And people gave her his tumblr, I forgot his name. I didn’t find him cute idk it may be me. By I remember her putting a post “how to call someone in Puerto Rico”. I think they dated for a week or two.

also a little note about that sam and acacia: acacia also used sam for how to use iMovie. and she faked self harmed for sympathy. because she got a lot of hate from kian and sam’s fans so she scratches herself. Sam tweeted about that. idk if i already said this and if i did i’m sorry because i’m now like an hour typing excuse me. SO THIS WAS THE PAST WITH THE BIG QUESTION MARK. now about Steven and One direction concert and that’s not a big question mark or anything.

Later she dated a guy, Steven. That was the happiest time of Acacia’s life. and than later they broke up because it was a long distance relationship. They didn’t saw each other a lot so it didn’t work out. And about the 1D concert.. ACACIA DIDN’T SEND NUDES TO LUKE TO GET FREE TICKETS, THAT’S A FUCKED UP RUMOR. Also Acacia said she didn’t got a fan kicked out, but a guy tweeted she did. He made a video about it and he talked sometimes bullshit. And later he deleted the video. Actually he doesn’t have proof that he got kicked out. if you want to see the video, here’s the link (he deleted the video but someone reposted!) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT7K2wufa08

and something wasn’t right.. like he said this: ‘oh i called my mum to see if i can go home early” then he says “we went back to my dads and got my clothes cause we were leavening the SAME NIGHT” And he tweeted also some bullshit about that concert. these are the tweets he tweeted: ‘UHHHGGG I’M GETTING A CAB FUCK THIS’ second tweet: ‘Guys this jet has wifi what is air’ after he ‘got kicked out’: “literally want to cry, i’m just shaking and really tempted to go back their, but they wont let me back I’m this was my birthday present“ and than later: "Secondly, Acacia got her tickets free, and i paid good hard earned money…” IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, SCROLL DOWN TO HIS TWITTER AT 8/8/13 HE’S TWITTER IS: @TWERKGUCCI BUT MAYBE HE DELETED THO’S TWEETS BUT I SAW THEM WITH MY EYES.


And about the nudes, they are real because, if they where photoshopped, than who was in that picture first? Or who’s body is that? If you can’t answer those than you can’t say they are photoshopped. And the person who maybe photoshopped it, is no where to find.

Also, acacia is trying to be a better person now. but her dad is a huge asshole and she learns acacia that she can be rude to anyone. Another negative thing about her now and also about that cutting. The reason why people think they are fake is because they fade WAY TOO FAST. and she told us that you can only see her cuts on a picture who has a good camera. Like her dads camera. She’s now modeling for Civil Clothing and you couldn’t see a mark. so, personally i think they’re fake.

that’s all. some stuff isn’t 100% true or not sure. so i’m not saying everything is 100% true or right.

My opinion:

I’m a kitty, don’t ask me why. i have good reasons why i love her but i don’t kiss her ass. so i dislike her sometimes. ALSO IF YOU ARE A HATER AND YOU READ THIS, DON’T CALL HER A SLUT, BITCH, WHORE ETC. BECAUSE THAN YOU’RE BULLYING. IF YOU THINK SHE’S AN IMMATURE LITTLE FUCK THAN YOU SHOULD BE THE MATURE ONE AND IGNORE HER. If u make a opinionblog/page and not calling her names or you just show people why you dislike her, than that’s fine to me.

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Look I'm not a fan of Acacia either but you are so stupid for wasting your time to bash Acacia on this blog. Like are you so obsessed with her that you have to make a blog like you actually must love her if you dedicate a blog to her...or you're a dumb person with no life. God people like you...I HATE so get a life and stop bashing some random girl because you are a BULLY. My question is why do you care about her so much to make a hate blog? If you don't answer you're a pussy.

really you sended this twice? 

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Look I'm not a fan of Acacia either but you are so stupid for wasting your time to bash Acacia on this blog. Like are you so obsessed with her that you have to make a blog like you actually must love her if you dedicate a blog to her...or you're a dumb person with no life. God people like you...I HATE so get a life and stop bashing some random girl because you are a BULLY. My question is why do you care about her so much to make a hate blog? If you don't answer you're a pussy.

omG this blog isn’t even active, congrats on being like almost 1 year late. And honestly you’re stupid for wasting your time writing this asks as if it’s going to make a difference. I am glad to publish this question with my answer though, but next time if you’re going to call someone a pussy don’t make it anonymous sweet heart ;)