Type Workshop.

This is my outcome for the type workshop. I developed this typeface from the word Signal, after researching I found a signal called a Heliograph, which uses mirrors and sun rays. From this I thought about creating a typeface that would need a mirror to be able to full understand it and this would also relate to code as the typeface would need to be decoded. My typeface is an all uppercase due to the need to be reflected, in a way it is almost illegible but there are some characters that are obvious as to what letter form/number they are. I feel the first 5 letters work particularly well and as do the numbers. As you can see from my sketches I have shown the angle of reflection but I chose to leave this off the digital versions to make it even more code-like. This is probably not a typeface that could be used for small point sizes, or probably for much at all due to its illegibility.