“You know, there’s a certain way kids want their shoelaces to be tied.” Niall smiled up at Harry, gesturing to his own untied sneakers. 

“What are you talking about?" 

"Y/F/N told me. She was helping Y/F/S/N tie his shoelaces the other day, and he told her to do it with bunny ears.” He snickered at Harry’s confused expression. [Y/F/S/N - Your friends son’s name] 

“Bunny ears?" 

"Here, kneel down. I’ll teach ya. Just remember, L.S.P. Loop,” Harry made two bunny ears, following Niall’s direction. “Swoop,” He then tied the two together and put one underneath. “And pull.” Harry then pulled the two loops together, making a perfect knot. 

“Oh..” Harry laughed. 

“And since Y/N’s only been pregnant for about three months, you still have time to practice.”