I don’t even know what to write about this. We here at The Influencers are proud and extremely excited to present to you our next influencer Creative Loafing Atlanta. This company is as Atlanta as you possible can get. And they pretty much are the mainstay of what is going on in this city. You literally can find out about the best art shows, music events, random stories, and food happenings through this publication. A very special thanks to Debbie Michaud Bergeron Chad Radford and Gavin Godfrey for representing for Creative Loafing, allowing us to interview the interviewers, and being a part of the event. If you are to busy to read printed material, check out their site at http://clatl.com. I really don’t know what more I can say besides come out Thursday April 17th, 2014 at Edgewood Speakeasy starting at 10pm and as always this event is free. Bring your dance shoes and lets celebrate Atlanta.


Fresh Baked Cookies, Music, and life talk with SMKA. Get to know our next Influencers a little better

For me personally there is nothing that could be said that her actions in the city of Atlanta hasn’t already. BOSCO the singer/songwriter/event coordinator/designer/ does whatever the hell she puts her mind to and has been an influential force to be noticed and recognized. The Influencers are more than proud to present @BOSCO Thursday July, 18th at Speakeasy. Tell a friend, come out, and enjoy a great time with some of Atlanta’s great talents.