140808 BTS arriving at LAX for KCON


To my cute baby, Jung Daehyun

I finally met you in person on April 22nd! You are the cutest on and off screen. On screen, you are so handsome and sexy but offscreen, you are just the cutest kid alive. (noona feels are coming out~) 

Thank you for pursuing your dreams and letting us hear your voice. Please continue to seduce me with you voice~ Over the years, your vocal has improved so much, i am so proud of you! I will continue to cheer you one behind my computer screen and if i ever have chance, i will make sure to cheer you in person! 

You are 1 year older~ As part of the hyung-line, stop causing problems for the members. Yes, you little troublemaker! but thats a charm i love about you, always trying to bring smiles to everyone around you and also for yourself! Please always smile brightly as you are right now. Don’t ever become too stress and overwork yourself. We, Babyz, want a healthy and happy Daehyun! 


ps. come to my house, i have a cake waiting for you~



140808 G-Dragon arriving in LA for KCON

I may not be a exo stan but believe me when I say I understand what the fans are going through right now. I've been through it twice, 2pm and Suju. So I just want to let exotics know that, it will hurt but everything will be fine. Just give it time.

Somehow I ended up with Myungsoo as my bias 3 years ago but he has nothing that I want in my ideal guy but he still makes my heart flutter with every thing he does. He causes me do weird stuff like, waving to my laptop or squealing whenever he winks;; he adds a little “fun” into my life. I’m glad I chose to bias Kim Myungsoo and i hope to celebrate his birthday years and years after. He had brought perfection (gosh he looks like a life mannequin in person. fcking hot!) into my life and that not everyone is perfect, even Myungsoo himself. He has many flaws and many improvements but I learned to love every flaws of his.

Happy Birthday Kim Myungsoo. I hope that I will get to celebrate your birthday in person one day AND I GET TO SEE YOU AT A CONCERT AGAIN! 

Don’t ever change, just love your career, even though it may be hard some days, but you have your fans, your infinite family, and your own family that is always there for you. Be yourself and have fun, now and in the future! Love you!

Happy 24th Birthday Kim Myungsoo~


1408080 IU arriving at LAX for KCON

Where are you? What are you doing?

who says you guys can have a comeback?! And why are you asking us those stuff? We should ask you guys that! You guys are always flying around the world and always doing something and NOT RESTING! 

LOL YES, i really, really excited for this single as they said it deals with instrumentals and more of the calm, smooth melody;; (JUST MY TYPE OF MUSIC) somehow i feel it will be like Coffee Shop. So i am looking forward to it. but i also feel that they should release this after their world tour. But i cannot complain because i really like it when they have new songs for us. Its their dream to release of their songs as possible so as a baby, we have to support them as much as we can.