They say all things happen for a reason...

They say all things happen for a reason.

I stumbled across you,
in a room full of masks,
the walls crawling,
with pretentious pictures,
of forests and feet,
and you laughed,
when i said,
id seen better art,
on the scrawling wall,
of a toilet stall.

I saw you again,
in a rush of people,
a surging wave,
of urgency,
and loneliness. 
you didn’t look my way,

it wasn’t long,
until i saw you again,
at a bar with a friend,
and i watched you,
and when you saw me,
you smiled cause you knew,

you knew,
that id thought about you.
when i smoked,
when i ate,
and i drank.
you smiled,
because you yourself,
had spent nights,
enough for a jumper,
to hold us both.

i saw you,
like seeing the sun for the first time